Since its inception, APTLD has been led by distinguished community members whose service earned Members’ deep appreciation and respect and who over time rose to new heights within the industry and international community The chart below is a reminder of the APTLD’s rich legacy and a tribute to our Board Chairs and General Managers .The detailed background and origins of APTLD can be found at:

General Manager

  • Leonid Todorov

  • Don Hollander

  • Jian Zhang

  • Ramesh Kumar Nadarajah

  • Don Hollander


  • Ai-chin Lu (.TW)

  • Lim Choon Sai (.SG)

  • Jonathan Shea (.HK)

  • Keith Davidson (.NZ)

  • Jonathan Shea (.HK)

  • Shariya Haniz Zulfliki (.MY)

  • Peter Dengate Thrush (.NZ)

  • Hualin Qian (.CN)

  • Kilnam Chon (.KR)