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APTLD Conducted An Inaugural Webinar on TLD Automation

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As a part of its capacity building program, APTLD has launched a series of webinars on Registry Automation for the Membership, which, together, form a unique tailored consistent curriculum designed by RNIDS, the .RS/СРБ ccTLD Registry and an APTLD Associate Member. On 7th December, APTLD conducted the inaugural webinar.

Stemming from an APTLD85 onsite training back in Seoul in September 2023, the webinar got together over 15 APTLD Members’ representatives to discuss the concept of ccTLD automation and ways to build it.The webinars will be held regularly until February 2024 and their recordings and training materials will be available exclusively to APTLD Members.

For more information on the program, please contact the APTLD Secretariat at: sec@aptld.org

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