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Call for Volunteers for the APTLD Working Group on Research in DNS Next-Generation

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The Background

APTLD (the Asia Pacific Top Level Domain Association) is a membership-based, non-for-profit organization that serves ccTLD (country-code Top Level Domain) registries in the Asia Pacific region.

At their 85th Members Meeting in Goa, India, the community supported an idea of establishing a dedicated Working Group to research Emerging Technologies in the Domain Name System. Following the community’s decision, APTLD is seeking volunteers to form and operate the APTLD Working Group on Research in DNS Next Generation (DNS-NG WG).

The Objective

The objective of the DNS-NG WG is to study how ccTLD registries could introduce new products which will be valuable to our customers, and revitalize the domain name registration industry. It will develop recommendations and guidelines to Members in as an APTLD Working Paper.

The Workload and Modus Operandi

It is anticipated that DNS-NG WG Members will need to commit at least a few hours of their time per month for online meetings and developing a Working Paper on the subject matter.

During its tenure, DNS-NG WG will meet regularly via Zoom, but at least once a month. DNS-NG WG can potentially hold a face-to-face meeting at the sidelines of APTLD Members Meetings, or otherwise. DNS-NG WG meetings will be scheduled based on its members’ consensual decision

Upon conclusion of the Working Group’s work, its Chair is expected to present the final report to the APTLD Board and the Working Paper- to the community.

Who Can Join DNS-NG WG?

Membership in DNS-NG WG is open to both Ordinary and Associate APTLD Members, and the number of DNS-NG WG Members, including representatives of the same APTLD Member, is not limited. The background in computer science, technology, law, policy and other relevant areas is a desirable but not necessary prerequisite for joining the DNS-NG WG

How to Join DNS-NG WG?

Interested Members are encouraged to send an e-mail to sec@aptld.org indicating their intention to join DNS-NG WG. In your email, kindly refer to your affiliation with a particular APTLD Member.

The Deadline

The deadline for this Call is 23:59 Singapore time (UTC+8) Saturday 31 March 2024.

Next Steps

At its inaugural call after the deadline DNS-NG WG Members are expected to adopt the WG Charter, elect the WG Chair, and launch the working process.

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