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Call for Volunteers for for the APTLD Members Meeting Program Standing Committee

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The Background

APTLD operates as the forum of information exchange regarding technological and operational issues of domain name registries in Asia Pacific region and in this capacity holds biannual Meetings across the region.

MPSC has been in operation from 2022 and, conveying the membership’s voice, become pivotal in defining APTLD Meetings agendas. As a few MPSC members had to step down from the Committee, MPSC is seeking new volunteers to help us shape future Meetings’ programs.

The Objective

The objective of the MPSC is to design and coordinate upcoming Members Meeting agenda and guide, and to assist the GM and the Secretariat in their implementation.

The Workload and Modus Operandi

MPSC are expected to invest a few hours of their time monthly in the lead-up to the next APTLD Members Meeting to consult with the community and suggest session topics, review suggestions, and collectively design the Meeting agenda.

Given that the break between the Meetings accounts for 4-6 months, MPSC is expected to meet for online calls biweekly for the first 2-3 months after the recent Meeting and/or whenever its members deem fit; MPSC can also potentially hold face-to-face meetings during the APTLD meetings. MPSC meetings are scheduled based on input provided via internal polls.

Typically MPSC goes in recess within 1-2 months prior the upcoming Meeting, MPSC.

Who Can Join MPSC?

Membership in MPSC is open to both Ordinary and Associate APTLD Members, and the number of MPSC Members, including representatives of the same APTLD Member are not limited.

How to Join MPSC?

Interested Members are encouraged to send an e-mail to sec@aptld.org indicating your intention to join MPSC. In your email please state your affiliation with a particular APTLD Member.

The Deadline

The deadline for this Call is 23:59 Beijing time (UTC+8) Monday 25 March 2024.

Next Steps

At its inaugural meeting MPSC Members are expected to adopt the Committee Charter and elect a Chair and Vice Chair and commence work on drafting the next Meeting(s) agenda.

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