Working Group on StratPlan Created and Held its First Meeting

27 March 2019

Pursuant to the Members’ decision at the Annual General Meeting in Dubai and the Call for volunteers for the Working Group  on the Development of the APTLD Strategic Plan for 2019-2021 (DSPWG), the following Members’ representatives have volunteered for the Working Group:

· Ms. Aisha Al-Mamari, .OM

· Brent Carey, .NZ

· Mr. Gihan Dias, .LK

· Mr. Nigel Phair, .AU

· Mr. Sergo Karakozov, IDN ccTLD  Georgia

· Mr. Stephen Deerhake, .AS

· Mr. Wilson Wong, .HK

The composition of DSPWG ensures a fair representation of all the APTLD’s sub-regions.

Membership in DSPWG is open for APTLD's Ordinary members.

The DSPWG’s operation is supported by GM Mr. Leonid Todorov and Secretariat Ms. Molly Dong.

DSPWG held its inaugural teleconference on 27 March 2019. The WG members adopted the DSPWG Statute, elected Mr. Stephen Deerhake as Chair and Mr. Leonid Todorov as Secretary, and held the first round of the discussion of the draft StratPlan.

DSPWG is committed to complete its mission as soon as possible to submit its deliberations to the Board at the earliest date.