The APTLD Board Statement on Relocation of APTLD77

10 May 2019

In view of the recent tragic developments in Sri Lanka, after extensive communication on the matter and a special vote conducted by correspondence, the Board resolved that:

-   Given the security situation in Sri Lanka and guided by the imperative to ensure the Membership’s safety and security - to relocate APTLD77 and AGM to another jurisdiction;

-   The Board considered 3 offers – from auDA, LANIC and SGNIC - and by majority vote selected Melbourne, Australia, as the location of APTLD77 and 20-21 February 2020 as the dates of APTLD77 and AGM.

-   The Board renews its deepest condolences to the people of Sri Lanka and the .LK Domain Registry on the recent tragic developments and the nation’s loss;

-   The Board expresses a great appreciation to the .LK Domain Registry and Prof. Gihan Dias for the commitment and service to the community and for an outstanding effort to host APTLD77;

-   The Board expresses sincere thanks to LANIC and SGNIC for their commitment and readiness to host APTLD77 in an emergency situation;

-   The Board expresses a great appreciation to auDA for the commitment to host the upcoming APTLD77 and AGM;

-   The Board took notice of APNIC’s suggestion to co-locate APTLD77 and AGM with APNIC/APRICOT in Melbourne on 17-21 February 2020 and accepts it with much appreciation;

-   The Board suggests that GM and Secretariat should immediately engage with auDA and APNIC to ensure the preparations promptly gain traction;

-   The Board remains committed to holding an APTLD Meeting in Sri Lanka once the security situation permits so and suggests GM monitor the situation and update the Board accordingly.