APTLD Board Meeting Communiqué (15 September 2017)

On 15 September 2017, the APTLD Board held its in-person meeting and considered a range of matters. A summary of the meeting is published in this Communiqué.

Discussion on the results of APTLD72

The Board noted with satisfaction a high quality of the Meeting organization and conduct and commended the APTLD staff for that. The Board also expressed cordial thanks to ITDC, the Meeting host, for a great commitment and contribution to the overall success of APTLD72.

Review of and vote on the application for Ordinary Membership by UZINFOCOM (the .UZ registry)

The Board received a debrief from GM on the matter and concluded that, whereas Uzbekistan is located in the Central Asia, which is a part of the APR, and whereas UZINFOCOM’s data is duly displayed in the IANA database, UZINFOCOM fully qualifies for the Ordinary Membership in APTLD. The Board welcomed UZINFOCOM as a new member of the APTLD community.

Consideration of GM’s Memorandums on Proposed Amendments to the APTLD Fellowship Policies

The Board considered GM’s Memorandums with proposals on updating the current APTLD Meeting Fellowship and APTLD sub-Regional Fellowship and suggested GM provide additional clarifications and rationale for proposed amendments with regard to the eligibility criteria therein. The Board will be ready to revisit the matter once being provided the required input.

Consideration of the GM’s Update on the State and Execution of the 2017 APTLD Budget and Outstanding Members’ Contributions

The Board noted with satisfaction that as of 15 September 2017, all the members have paid their membership fees and thanked the APTLD community for having honored their commitments. The Board also noted that as the cost of APTLD72 matched the budget projections, the 2017 APTLD budget has remained quite robust.

Approval of the APTLD73 Agenda

The Board considered a draft APTLD73 Agenda and while being in principle in agreement with the Meeting layout, suggested GM send it out to members for a review and public comment period.

The Board also considered a number of other administrative matters.