APTLD Board Meeting Communiqué (18 October 2018)

On 18 October 2018, the APTLD Board held its regular teleconference meeting and considered a range of matters. A summary of the meeting is published in this Communiqué.

Consideration of GM’s Update on Progress in Preparations for APTLD75

The Board took a notice of the progress in preparations for APTLD75 and the degree of collaboration with ICANN and RIPE NCC and suggested the Board members should lead by example by registering for the Meeting and encouraging the community to follow them in that regard.

Consideration of a Pilot Target Capacity Building Workshop

The Board considered a GM’s suggestion to conduct a pilot target capacity building workshop for the .IQ marketing team on the sidelines of APTLD75 and agreed to the exercise on condition its outcome should be subject to an adequate assessment to subsequently form a good practice.

Progress in Preparations for APTLD76

The Board considered a GM’s update on progress in preparations for APTLD76 in September 2019 and discussed its potential host options. The Board also took a notice that the host member can be identified by end-October 2018.

Consideration of GM’s Memorandum on Granting .AS Ordinary Membership Status in APTLD

The Board received a GM’s update on the matter and noted the following: .AS has for long been a very active Associate member in APTLD; American Samoa is an unincorporated territory of the United States located in the South Pacific Ocean, southeast of Samoa, and its population are all nationals but not citizens of the United States at birth. It is duly listed in the IANA database.

Further, some Ordinary members of APTLD have found themselves in a status fairly similar to that of .AS, while maintaining their historical country codes and administering their own ccTLD. As well, back in 2015, the APTLD Working Group on Geographic Diversity and Representation on the Board concluded that, .”AS has been a very active participant in APTLD throughout the Association’s history; While .AS is formally deemed to be part of North America in the ICANN’s regional classification, but in strict geographic terms it distinctly falls under the category of Pacific Island and as such displays multiple commonalities with the neighboring islands, and very little commonality with North America in terms of ccTLD operations and Internet Governance in general;

There is no North American ccTLD organization in existence, so .AS has no other natural options;

Internationally, there has been a precedent of granting full membership to a ccTLD outside that ccTLD’s region and in the absence of a respective regional organization for that ccTLD to join”.

Having judged the aforementioned factors, the APTLD Board voted to grant .AS the Ordinary Membership status in APTLD.

Consideration of the GM’s Update on the State and Execution of the 2017 APTLD Budget and Update on the 2018 Membership Fee Collection Campaign

The Board received a GM’s update on the matter and noted with satisfaction that the 2018 budget should still be quite healthy by end-year.

The Board also considered a number of other administrative, external communication and financial matters.