APTLD Board Meeting Communiqué (20 December 2018)

On 20 December 2018, the APTLD Board held its regular teleconference meeting and considered a range of matters. A summary of the meeting is published in this Communiqué.

Consideration of GM’s Update on Progress in Preparations for APTLD75

The Board received the update and noted some progress in registrations and volunteering for presenting in sessions.

The Board also took notice with much appreciation of the UAE TRA’s generous offer to sponsor the traditional Members’ Social during APTLD75.

Consideration of GM’s Update on Progress in Preparations for APTLD76

The Board noted with satisfaction a significant progress in preparations for APTLD76 and thanked the MYNIC leadership and team for their efforts to ensure success of the Meeting.

Selection of the APTLD Fellows to ICANN64

The Board has examined the submitted applications and selected Ms. Nadia Hashemi of . AF as the APTLD Fellow to ICANN64.

Selection of the Vendor to Build a Dedicated Website for Statistics

The Board considered a GM’s update on the matter and selected NetKnowledge as the vendor. The Board suggested GM should promptly engage with NetKnowledge to launch the development of the website under a pilot project for 2019.

Consideration of the Application for Associate Membership by IDN ccTLD of the Republic of Montenegro

The Board examined the application and received a GM’s update on the matter, and unanimously voted for the accession of the IDN ccTLD of the Republic of Montenegro to APTLD as an Associate Member.

Consideration of the GM’s Update on the State and Execution of the 2018 APTLD Budget and Update on the 2019 Membership Fee Collection Campaign

The Board received a GM’s update on the matter and noted with satisfaction that the 2018 budget has remained up to the original projections. The Board noted with satisfaction that the 2019 Membership fees payment campaign is in full swing now.

Consideration of GM’s Proposal on Submission of Comments to the Supplemental Initial Report of the New gTLD Subsequent Procedures Policy Development Process under Work Track 5 on Geographic Names at the Top Level

The Board took a due notice of a very important report, which highlights on issues of strategic importance for the community, and suggested draft comments to it. The Board subsequently suggested that in line with the APTLD Policy Development Framework, GM should promptly share the comments with the community to solicit contributions and inputs under the public comments period with the deadline of 10 January 2019, and subsequently submit the final document to ICANN within the prescribed timelines.

The Board also considered a number of other administrative, legal and financial matters.