APTLD70 Fellow Nadia Khashemi's Testimonial

As an APTLD71 Fellow I have positive feedback regarding the meeting, because it was my first in-person encounter with APTLD members.

I found it really interesting and I have got much experience from the Meeting.

It was useful to receive an update on recent developments in the TLD world, including both ccTLDs, new gTLDs,and IDN ccTLDs. Likewise, various ways to ensure very effective efforts toward improvement of ccTLDs were quite useful.

I trust the most interesting part of the Meeting was a lively discussion on IDN ccTLD and their very important part in a country, as well as gaining a better understanding of Label Generation Rules Panels.

As a representative of perhaps one of the most vulnerable communities, I was pleased to find the APTLD members' plea of support as far as capacity building and progress in .AF is concerned. Back home, my colleagues and I will be working on a list of topics we would like to further discuss with APTLD members and to get updates on.

I was also pleased to find out a high quality of the pre-Meeting training sessions and materials. They were very helpful and gave much food for thought - I really learned a lot during the two- days training and wish it were extended to fully benefit from it. I found the discussion of such matters as IPv6, PKI, and DNSSEC to be the most interesting part of the training.