APTLD72 Fellow Dr. Baha Khasawneh's Testimonial

My participation in the APTLD 72 meeting in Tbilisi, Georgia 12-16th Sep. 2017 was my first meeting since I assumed my duties as the Director General for the National Information Technology Center in Jordan.  I was thankfully awarded a fellowship by the APTLD board members to attend the meeting which was a great opportunity for me to discuss important policy issues affecting Internet domain name related not only to Jordan but to other Asian entities.

My face to face with many of the ccTLD representatives in Asia and many registration companies who shared their experiences in managing different domains was an excellent demonstration of the cooperation and partnership with the private and public sector in providing adequate services to both ends of the domain owners and customers.

The wide range of topics in the presentations and discussion panels enriched and deepened my understanding of the best practices in domain registration and all challenges and opportunities facing the local ccTLDs.

I was very impressed with the fine organization and planning of the event and with the variety of issues presented at the meeting.

Once again let me reiterate my appreciation for the APTLD board members for their fine work that they do at the APTLD and for the chance to meet and interact with many colleagues.


National Information Technology Center

Dr. Baha Khasawneh

Director General