IETF100 Fellow Hamad AlDroubi's Testimonial

I am so happy to write about the IETF 100 Meeting which I attended last week. I had a very useful time there.

To begin with, the logistics before and during the Meeting was organized nicely by the IETF team, so I managed to obtain my visa in time.

To facilitate my presence in the Meeting, as a newcomer, there was a seasoned ISOC/IETF expert assigned to me to help me navigate my way and ensure I can benefit most from numerous sessions run in parallel in many conference rooms.

Speaking of sessions, IETF100 offered a lot of choices: one could choose between  Domain Name System Operations, IPv6 Maintenance, DDoS Open Threat Signaling, Ops & Mgmt Area Working Group WG, Extensions for Scalable DNS Service  Discovery, SIDR Operations, Internet Area Working Group, DNS Over HTTPS, IPv6 Operations, Routing Area Working Group, Routing Area Open Meeting, Transport Area Open Meeting, to name a few.

I think that such meetings help technical people to share their knowledge with others and enhance their experience as they give one an opportunity to meet professionals from different companies and network with them efficiently. For me, the meeting gave me the chance to get engaged with new technologies and ideas across the globe as we can learn much from others’ expertise in different aspects.

On a less bright side, some DNS sessions were cancelled for some reason (we did not receive any explanations); however, the other sessions were valuable and sufficient to capture the basics and details of the DNS.

I really encourage any technical person in the APTLD community to try to attend such a meeting and to remain involved in different working groups there. Judging my experience, I also recommend that APTLD should keep supporting its Members’ technical staff by sending them as Fellows to attend IETF Meetings.

Thanks a lot for your help and support.