Testimonial of Berjan Bayat, a Fellow to APTLD76

This was my first time to participating event that organized in Asia Pacific level.

As a first-time attendee and fellow, I have less experience of Asia Pacific Events. APTLD provided me some useful guide to the trip from Mongolia to Malaysia with relevant information and instructions.

However, The first day of DNSSEC Training I have missed earlier part, because of airplane landed later than scheduled time. Therefore, I was unable to get a bus to Malaysia directly from the Changi Airport in Singapore at midnight.

The next day of the session was topic under “Blockchain Technology by Virgil Griffith Ethereum Name Service”, which was a very exciting topic for me, and other participants. 

ENS appeared to be complicated for some people, because it is completely different from our  known TLD DNS even if the secure and decentralized. For example, Internet governance and operation of technical terms. For me the first time from this kind of event, I mostly see the quality of the people that joined the conference and came to learn, as well as to share from their knowledge and experience, while also asking excellent questions and challenging ones. It was delightful to see such a well organized program, and even more to hear all the main specialists of Domain Name Industries  around the world together in this event.

The second day we were also given a presentation on For abuse DNS abuse related Rule-based Detection to Botnet, IoT-based DDoS attacks, .tw Marketing Campaigns promotional videos are really impressed me. I have prepared to present speech about “Building Highly Available Domain Name System in Cloud” at the technical session of the event. Hope the information were helpful.

In another session, Mr. Ilya Rozhnov from “Group IB” delivered many types of phishing examples with protection of brand. Our organization is a domain name registry, but we provide a domain name based business email service. Almost every week, new kind of phishing mail spreads. What he talks about is one of the big problems we face often.

In the following evening, everyone got invited to a dinner hosted by MyNIC. The event was organized much better than everyone’s expectations.

One of the things I have enjoyed moment at the APTLD76’s Iskandar Puteri is the vast array of cultural experience. Last day MyNIC invited us to view traditional culture, arts and crafts of Malaysia and the State of Johor.

We were able to paint a national style watercolor painting and created a candle of souvenir. Making Malaysian home-made tea, pancakes, also enjoyed watching National Musical Concert. We enjoyed so much of these activities and it was totally new and fun.

To conclude, I would like to say thank you for inviting me such great Event to APTLD team. Their accomplishment during event, also good assistance supported me in professional way.