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The APTLD community holds its meetings twice a year for information and best practices sharing, training and networking purposes, with the Annual General Meeting held in the beginning of the year. Given the vastness of the Asia Pacific Region, Members Meetings have become the focal point for APTLD’s organizational, administrative and awareness raising activities.

APTLD is proud of its long and successful legacy of which Meetings form an important part.

Upcoming Meetings
APTLD85 Members Meeting
19-22 February 2024
Location: Goa, India
Venue: The Hilton Resort Goa

Meetings Archive
APTLD84 Members Meeting
20 September 2023
APTLD83 Members Meeting
23 February 2023
APTLD82 Members Meeting
28 October 2022
APTLD81 Members Meeting & 2022 AGM
28 February 2022
APTLD80 Members Meeting
6 September 2021
APTLD79 Members Meeting & 2021 AGM
24 February 2021
APTLD78 Members Meeting
3 September 2020
APTLD77 Members Meeting & 2020 AGM
20 February 2020
APTLD76 Members Meeting
5 September 2019
APTLD75 Members Meeting & 2019 AGM
20 February 2019
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