Newsletter (11 September 2017)
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Next APTLD Meeting: APTLD72, Tbilisi, Georgia, 14-15 September 2017
Meeting Website Latest Agenda (8 September 2017)   ¶ Fellowship Selection Result

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(.AU auDA)
Registry Transformation Project Release of Request for Tender

Cumulative Number of General-use JP Domain Names
Exceeded 1 Million

(.NZ InternetNZ)
More New Zealanders to get better and faster Internet

Neustar Builds Custom CRM Onboarding Portal for Pandora

(.RU The Coordination Center for TLD .RU/.РФ)
.RU domain in one the world's fastest growing


NGOs and Data Security: Do You Know Where Your Data Is?

Meet the 2017 .eu Web Awards final nominees!

Internet 101 Survey: How Much Do People Really Know
About the Internet?

TWSeries: Policy and regulation as important as technological feats

TWSeries: HITCON GIRLS cultivating cybersecurity talent

Event Wrap: APAN 44, China

Event Wrap: Nepal IGF 2017, Kathmandu

Event Wrap: 4th Meeting of the APT Preparatory Group for WTDC-17

The One Reason Net Neutrality Can't Be Implemented

Fighting Phishing with Domain Name Disputes

Security is a System Property

Global Content Removals Based on Local Legal Violations
- Where are we Headed?

Post-UDRP, ACPA Actions Challenging Awards

Beware of Extra Fees in UDRP Proceedings

Equifax Hacked, Nearly Half of US Population Affected

RIPE NCC to Hold Sixth IPv6 Focused Hackathon

The Internet Society Recognizes 25 Under 25

ISOC Togo Chapter Calls On Togo Government to
Restore Internet Access


Quarterly Stakeholder Update for FY17 Q4 Posted and Registration for the Q&A Webinar

ICANN Academy Launches New Intercultural Awareness Program to take Place at ICANN60

Registration Data Access Protocol (RDAP) Pilot Program Launches

ICANN 2017 Nominating Committee Announces Selections

ICANN Provides Update on Review of the Community Priority Evaluation Process

Webinar: "Statistical Analysis of DNS Abuse in gTLDs" (SADAG) Study

Current ICANN Public Consultations

Statistical Analysis of DNS Abuse in gTLDs (SADAG) Report

Proposed Dates for ICANN Public Meetings 2021–2023

Proposed Renewal of .MUSEUM Sponsored Registry Agreement

Proposed Changes to the NCUC Charter