Newsletter (18 December 2017)
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■ Next APTLD Meeting: APTLD73 & 2018 AGM, Kathmandu, Nepal, 22-23 February 2018

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(.CC/.TV Verisign)
Q3 2017 DDoS Trends Report: 29 Percent of Attacks Employed Five or More Attack Types

(.NZ InternetNZ)
Mapping Digital Divides in New Zealand

Net Neutrality failure in the U.S. risks hurting all internet users

New architecture implemented at Netnod IX Stockholm

Netnod and IIS launch project to define and measure Internet connectivity option

Netnod's Q4 Newsletter is out! #Merry Christmas

Neustar Launches Next Generation DDoS Defense Network: SiteProtect NG

(.RU Coordination Center for .RU/.РФ)
Andrei Vorobyev: Russia's operators do not pay enough attention to DNS-peering

A third-grader from Moscow wins the Explore the Internet & Govern It! championship


Introducing three new members of the APNIC Foundation Board

Event Wrap: GCCS 2017

Increasing RPKI at a national level

ThaiNOG taking a slow and measured approach

Committing to engagement pays off for region

Event Wrap: CommuniCast 2017

The Honeynet Project Workshop 2017

Standardisation in domain name analysis

CENTR holds its 37th Technical Workshop in Dublin

Remembering David Vyorst

Net Neutrality and the FCC’s December 14 Vote

Building a World Free of Barriers: Vashkar Bhattacharjee’s Story

Reflections from the Global Commission on the Stability of

The Internet Is at a Crossroads: We Have a Choice to Make

Transition to 5G featured topic at ITU Regional
Radiocommunication Seminar for Asia Pacific

FCC Repeals Net Neutrality Rules in a 3-to-2 Vote

Cyberattack Causes Operational Disruption to Critical Infrastructure Using New Malware TRITON

Neustar Moves From .BIZ To .NEUSTAR In Boost to New gTLDs

Congo’s Government Cancels Contract For Their .CD Registry

Sri Lankan Community Preparing for a Multilingual Internet Using Local Scripts

ICANN Discusses Future of the Internet in Sri Lanka

NameJet Offers First-Of-Its-Kind Emoji Domain Name Auction

SGNIC Offering Premium .SG Domain Names for a Limited Period

2017 Domain Name Year in Review

China's Xi says country will not close door to global internet

One Belt, One Road: China heralds 'Digital Silk Road'; foresees internet-era power shift soon

Open Whois must die, Europe privacy chiefs tell ICANN

Net neutrality: 'father of internet' joins tech leaders in condemning repeal plan

ICANN: tell us how you will break Whois rules

CentralNic now owns .sk after $30m deal closes


Reminder: Register for 7 December Q&A on the Latest Quarterly Stakeholder Update

Webinar: Competition, Consumer Trust, and Consumer Choice Review New Sections of Draft Report

.WED Placed in Emergency Back-End Registry Operator (EBERO) Program

Registration Open for ICANN Academy 2018 Leadership Program

Nomination Period Opens For ICANN Multistakeholder Ethos Award | Award Targeted for ICANN62 | Nominations Close 19 March 2018

ICANN Organization Publishes Reports on the Review of the Community Priority Evaluation Process

ICANN Publishes Updated gTLD Marketplace Health Index

ICANN Publishes Report of Public Comments on PTI and Internet Assigned Numbers Authority (IANA) Draft FY19 Plans

Proposed Incremental Changes to the ICANN Meetings Strategy

Kim Davies Appointed VP, IANA Functions and President, PTI

ccNSO Activity Summary November 2017

Update & Next Steps: ccNSO Council Election FY2018

Update & Next Steps: Board seat 12 Nomination Procedure

ccNSO Council Minutes, 1 November

.MU Joins as Newest Member of the ccNSO

The ccNSO Council Nominates Nigel Roberts to fill ICANN Board Seat number 12

.GU Joins as Newest Member of the ccNSO

Current ICANN Public Consultations

Enhancing Accountability - Recommendations for Diversity

Recommendations to Improve ICANN's Office of Ombudsman (IOO)

Recommendations to Improve ICANN Staff Accountability

Recommendations on ICANN Jurisdiction

Competition, Consumer Trust, and Consumer Choice Review Team – New Sections to Draft Report of Recommendations

Operating Standards for ICANN's Specific Reviews

Proposed Incremental Changes to the ICANN Meetings Strategy