Newsletter (26 February 2018)

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■ Next APTLD Meeting: APTLD74, Tashkent, Uzbekistan, 20-21 September 2018

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Members News

(.AU auDA)
Statement from auDA CEO, Cameron Boardman, regarding the Policy Review Process
(.CC/.TV Verisign)
Internet Grows to 332.4 Million Domain Name Registrations in the Fourth Quarter of 2017

Verisign Announces 3.25% Junior Subordinated Convertible Debentures Due 2037 to Pay Contingent Interest

Second Term of Office as Chair of CENTR Board of Directors for DENIC's CEO Dr. Jörg Schweiger
DENIC-Hosted 2018 Domain Pulse Conference Revolving around Digital Change between Freedom and Security
(.NZ InternetNZ)
Links and Thinks: Webstock, Inclusive Design, and Dystopian (or Optimistic) Futures
InternetNZ seeks modern balance for copyright law
Do we need new rights to protect our anonymity?
Neustar Switches on Tokyo Data Scrubbing Center to Build the World’s Largest DDoS Mitigation Defense Network
Tokyo is now home to a Neustar anti-DDoS data scrubbing center
Netnod is recruiting a developer to the Stockholm office
(.RU Coordination Center for .RU/.РФ)
New module of the game “Explore Internet – Govern It” was released for the Safer Internet Week
Netoscope will help FIFA fight fraud in ticket sales for the World Cup 2018
Experts at the IP&IT LAW scientific contest started their submissions’ assessment
Committee for the Development of Domain Space has been created
Competent organizations discovered 383 domain-violators
The Ministry of Communications of Russia, Rostelecom and Coordination Center for TLD .RU/.РФ have signed a memorandum of cooperation


RDAP: Search using POSIX Regular Expressions
Notice of 2018 AGM at APNIC 45
How bad is IPv4 address exhaustion?
ASO Review: Moving forward
NPSeries: Internet enabling Nepal to reconnect with the world
NPSeries: If you build it, they will stay
NPSeries: All in a life’s work for Internet all-rounder
NPSeries: Future looks bright for Nepalese women in ICT field
Welcome to APRICOT 2018
EU Policy Update - February 2018
Fruitful marketing discussions in Leiden
CENTR's General Assembly re-elects three Board members
Vacancy at CENTR: Policy Advisor
Definitions, acquisitions, GDPR, content issues and more are
discussed at Admin workshop in Munich

160,000 security breaches, data thefts, business disruptions recorded worldwide

Celebrating the 25th Anniversary of NDSS
The Week in Internet News: Can Blockchain Improve IoT?
Starting Today: NDSS Highlights the Best in Internet Security Research

Busy Week for MANRS, Routing Security, and More at APRICOT 2018

Report: Distributed IoT Security and Standards Workshop at NDSS 2018

2018 a pivotal point in internet’s development: ISOC
FIRST/TF-CSIRT: The Changing Face of Cybersecurity
Future Thinking: Cyrating on Cyber Threats
The Cost of Cybercrime
Donuts Acquires .TRAVEL TLD
SpaceX Launching Two Experimental Internet Satellites This Weekend

US Congress Considering Legislation to Authorize Faster Access to International Electronic Data

Hackers Use Tesla's Amazon Cloud Account to Mine Cryptocurrency

ICANN Spearheading Launch of Virtual DNS Entrepreneurship Center of the Caribbean

IGF 2017 Stocktaking: See Community Inputs

Google’s Chrome To Mark All HTTP Sites As Insecure Come July
Global Domain Registrations Climb Up, But .NET and New gTLDs Slide Down: Verisign

Neustar Guide On How To Launch Your Own .BRAND New gTLD Builds On Their Experiences
The Future and Privacy are Everywhere at Domain Pulse in Munich
Registries Aren’t Content Police, But Keeping Trust Is Reputationally Important: Domain Pulse

Cyberspace: A Manmade Sphere for Wars
It's official: .corp, .home, .mail will never be TLDs on the 'net
Donuts may make .travel names easier to buy after acquiring its first legacy gTLD

What’s So Outrageous Asking High Prices for Domain Names?
au: Crazy Domains owner cuts forecast in half, watches share price collapse
Data Protection/Privacy Update: Latest Developments by Göran Marby, President and CEO, ICANN
New EU Privacy Law May Weaken Security
The Internet Industry in the Wake of the GDPR
Registries reject lower fees for anti-abuse prowess


View the Latest Quarterly Stakeholder Update and Register for the Q&A Call on 22 February
Draft Procedure for Community gTLD Change Requests
ICANN Holds First Capacity Development Workshop for Asia GAC Members
Analysis Group Selected to Conduct the SSAC Review
ICANN Webinar: Replenishment Strategy for the Reserve Fund
Your input is needed: ccNSO Meeting Strategy Review
SAVE THE DATE: Join us for a ccNSO webinar on the ccNSO Rejections Action Guideline
Call for Volunteers: ccNSO Review Working Party (RWP)
Apply for ccNSO travel funding for ICANN62, Panama City

ICANN61 TechDay Agenda

Current ICANN Public Consultations

Maximal Starting Repertoire version 3 (MSR-3) for Root Zone Label Generation Rules (RZ-LGR)
ICANN Draft FY19 Operating Plan and Budget and Five-Year Operating Plan Update
Proposal for Korean Root Zone Label Generation Rules
Plan to Restart the Root Key Signing Key (KSK) Rollover Process
Draft Procedure for Community gTLD Change Requests