Newsletter (20 May 2019)
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■ Next APTLD Meeting: APTLD76, Iskandar Puteri, Malaysia, 5-6 September 2019
Meeting WebsiteOnline RegistrationAgenda (17 May 2019)

■ The APTLD Board Statement on Relocation of APTLD77 View

Facebook Posts:
• The new ccNSO Newsletter features a piece on APTLD's recent trainings for a number of our members:
• TRBR have just co-hosted the 1st national IGF 8n Vanuatu. (Photo)

• AFNIC hosted its traditional forum. (Photo)
• The South School on Internet Governance is taking place in Mexico city. The host is the Ministry of Economy. (Photo)
It was a unique chance to restored connection with NIC MX, the APTLD's only member in the continents. Equally unique was a chance to catch up with its ex-CEO Oscar Robles-Garay and the incumbent one - meet Jorge Azzario. (Photo)
• APTLD at South School on Internet Governance: the art of crooning for the Latin American audience. (Photo)

• Many happy returns to. РФ, a pioneer IDN ccTLD, still towering amidst - let's be honest- its dwarfy peers. For nearly 800K registrations is a monumental achievement, n'est pas?
• That how it was in Bangkok at the cybersecurity workshop. Thanks, THNIC, for hosting this groundbreaking event. (Photo)
• Seoul is calling:,, and APTLD is going to launch a Call for Applications for APIGA-2019 soon.
• You look forward to the final episode of the Big Bang Theory unaware that PANDI is producing its own sitcom. Hope it is gonna get viral, as they have great performing talent: Video
• Many talk about social responsibility, but very few keep silent about it and quitely do a very important job - keen to help out to those who cannot talk or hear. Check out how InternetNZ does it wthout much ado (and you'd better understand the concept and meaning of empathy, too): Video
• THNIC Hosts a Regional Cybersecurity Workshop, Paul Vixie Spreading the Word. APTLD is proud to have Mr. Sampath Hennayake as our Fellow participate in this important educational and awareness-raising effort:
• HKIRC Engaged in Internet Economy Summit 2019: Mr. Wilson Wong, CEO of HKIRC, represented the company to speak at the Cybersecurity Forum of IES. Wilson emphasized on the importance of DNS security as well as shared tips for SMEs to overcome the increasing cybersecurity challenges. Wilson had also given a brief introduction on the upcoming HKIRC SME Cybersecurity Program in the forum.
• Many happy returns of the day to hoster .BY, the pride of Belarus! (Happy Birthday)
• Ramadan Kareem on 6 May.

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Members News

The Seventeenth Annual General Meeting of Hong Kong Internet Registration Corporation Limited

(.NZ InternetNZ)
Supporting vital voices to the Christchurch Call

InternetNZ welcomes new reports on threats to democracy and online hate

InternetNZ funds projects working to close digital divides

Christchurch Call outcome is a vital first step in addressing terrorism and violent extremism online

Telling it how it is. Up front and transparently

Reporting back: InternetNZ @ the Christchurch Call in Paris

DNC Newsletter April 2019

Vice-Chairman of THNIC Foundation was a keynote speaker at ICANN DNS Symposium
BKNIX brought together world-class experts to share knowledge on using DNS systems to increase cyber security.

Cyber Security Workshop (DNS Focused) kicked off in Bangkok by the Internet Hall of Fame innovator, Dr. Paul Vixie.

Viet Nam IPv6 Day 2019: IPv6 services and applications are now officially widespread in Viet Nam

(.WF Afnic)
Afnic Forum 2019: Digital technology to serve business and authorities

Inside Tech Support at Afilias AU

TELUS Completes Successful Testing of Neustar’s STIR/SHAKEN Solution

Seven in Ten Cybersecurity Professionals Are Using or Considering Honey Pots, Deception Technology to Deliver Advanced Forensic and Attribution Capabilities

Call for presentations!

DENIC Domain Map 2018: The Regional Distribution of .de Domains in Germany

(.ME DoMEn)
NC.ME helped 200,000 students work on their online brand!

Know Who’s Calling with Sync.ME

(.RU Coordination Center for .RU/.РФ)
Better cybersecurity as internet infrastructure development driver

MSLU students invited to train at the Coordination Center for TLD .RU/.РФ

Bucharest hosts discussion on how legislation influences internet infrastructure

Coordination Center to make a film on the “internet for everyone”

Apply now for an APNIC 48 fellowship

Register now for APNIC 48

New report identifies changing role of satellite in the Pacific

One-third of Viet Nam now IPv6 capable

Protecting the Internet of Things with MUD

BGP and DNS workshops at PacNOG 24

Event Wrap: PITA 23rd AGM & Annual Conference

Event Wrap: bdNOG 10

Register now for Information Security intermediate workshop in Vanuatu

Thoughts from ICANN DNS Symposium 2019

CENTR publishes its CENTRstats Global TLD Report Q1/2019

Russia approves the law for a "national" internet

EU Policy Update - April 2019

World Telecommunication and Information Society Day, 17 May 2019, will focus on "Bridging the Standardization Gap"

IGF: Received Workshop Proposals, Open Forums, Day 0 Events, DC Sessions & IGF Village

Introducing The Internet Society Accessibility Special Interest Group

The Week in Internet News: Broadband Project to Nowhere

WhatsApp: How a Bug Relates to the G7

Envisioning the Future in the Middle East

The False Promise of Lawful Access to Private Data

We Will Not Raise Prices Unreasonably, Says .ORG Operator

National Telecommunications and Information Administration (NTIA) Chief David Redl Resigns

Huawei Says They Are Willing to Sign No-Spy Agreements With Governments

Close to 735K Fraudulently Obtained IP Addresses Have Been Uncovered and Revoked, ARIN Reveals

Two Years Later WannaCry Continues to Spread to Vulnerable Devices, Nearly 5M Devices Affected

.DE Registrations Down For First Time in 2018, But International Registrations Up

EURid Reminds Of Final Date For Cyrillic .EU Domains

PIR Announces Members of Newly Formed Advisory Council

Amazon wins! ICANN on verge of approving .amazon despite government outrage

WordPress-linked .blog dumps Nominet for CentralNic

Five more gTLD deadbeats fingered by ICANN

ICANN to host first-ever high-stakes dot-brand auction

Turkish government takes over ccTLD

Pricey .inc does quite well in sunrise


Additional 2021 ICANN Public Meeting Locations Announced

Webinar Invitation: Evolving ICANN’s Multistakeholder Model

ICANN Board Adopts the FY20 Operating Plan and Budget

ICANN64 Fellowship Program Post-Meeting Report and ICANN65 Statements Of Interest  Are Now Available

ICANN66 NextGen Application Round Extended

Apply Now: The Asia Pacific Internet Governance Academy 2019

Study on Technical Use of Root Zone Label Generation Rules

ICANN Organization Publishes First Human Rights Impact Assessment

ICANN gTLD Registries and Registrars Required to Implement New Interim Registration Data Policy by 20 May 2019

Start Rejection Action Petition Period FY20 Operating Plan and Budget and FY20 Five Year Operating Plan Update

The ICANN64 MPC feedback-on-feedback is out now

ccNSO Council Minutes, 18 April

Draft Agenda – ccNSO Council Meeting 23 May 2019

Current ICANN Public Consultations

Evolving ICANN’s Multistakeholder Model

Label Generation Rules for the Root Zone Version 3 (RZ-LGR-3)

Study on Technical Use of Root Zone Label Generation Rules

Process Proposal for Streamlining Organizational Reviews