Newsletter (29 July 2019)
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■ Next APTLD Meeting: APTLD76, Iskandar Puteri, Malaysia, 5-6 September 2019
Meeting WebsiteOnline RegistrationAgenda (26 July 2019)
■ APTLD Board Meeting Communiqué (18 July 2019) View

■ Survey reminder: Government Relations Link

Social Media Updates:
• Bricklaying a-la PANDI. Building the team, literally, and best practice to share.... On our way to buy a couple of Lego sets to see if we can use them for an APTLD Members meeting (Video)
• And now, something completely different: Have you ever heard of a ccTLD erecting monuments? We bet, you have not...but here is to break the ground... well... literally and virtually, with the first ever monument to System Admin!
The ceremony of unveiling of a ...VIRTUAL (!) monument with the symbolic cutting of the network cable (we hope no network suffered a blackout :)) took place in the heart of Belarus's capital’s downtown on 25 July, on the eve of the System Admin Day. This way congratulated all the system admins worldwide. To see the monument, one needs to download a dedicated app Minsk Monument AR (Android and iOS), come to a specific spot on 12, Komsomolskaya Str., find mounted in the pavement 80-cm cube with a QR code and fix a camera on it! --See full coverage in Russian here:Link (Photo)
• [InternetNZ announces the Panel members for the first-ever .nz Policy review]- This young man talks interesting things, actually. And his English is really good, oh, boy! (Video)
• [Africa DNS Forum 2019] Wishes of every success to our friends at AFTLD. Friends, fan, and followers, if you happen to be in Botswana, please drop by. (Video)
• Congrats, the .AE tem, on a truly milestone development: UAE gets world's first single-letter govt domain
• Change of leadership at .UZ: As the previous CEO has left Uzinfocom, the new CEO is no other but our old friend Emil Gimranov whom some members may recall being a major engine ensuring the logistics support to APTLD74. We wish Emil every success in promoting a further transformation of the .UZ registry and its operation!
• Join the community effort for the benefit of all! -RRDG create standards and definitions in domain name analysis: A group in Europe called the ‘Registry-Registrar Data Group’ (or RRDG) have been developing standard definitions and classifications for use by domain registry operators and registrars. The RRDG was founded to bring European ccTLD registries and their registrars together to jointly progress the topic of registry data and in particular common approaches to data classifications, frameworks and standards. Some standards they’ve already produced are listed on their site at
• It's Bloomberg, after all: Represent Your Identity and New Ideas with .id Domain Name
• This is Cancun, amigo, it ain't gonna wait on nobody:))) -The #ICANN67 Fellowship application round is now open! Learn more about the program and how to apply >>
• Happening now:the opening session of the 10th Asia Pacific Regional IGF. The Russian hospitality implies offering bread and salt to esteemed guests, and here it is captured in all its beauty. Also, having youth and kids for APrIGF is its halkmark. These guys came from Guanzhou, China. (Photos)
It was an honor to moderate an opening plenary of the 10th APrIGF and to have great panelists, including Lianna Galstyan of. AM. (Photo)
• Thank you, .RU, for a fantastic reception on the occasion of the 25th anniversary of the cctld and the 10th anniversary of the Russian IGF! Everyone had a lot of fun with cossack dancing and a fire show. (Photo & Video)
• Which APrIGF without a session on IPv6 deployment? Which session on the subject matter without Kuo Wei Wu? The veteran releases the amount of energy equivalent of a portable nuclear reactor, no doubt. (Photo)
• Happening now at APrIGF: the closing session started with the YouthIGF participants' report on their takeaways. (Photo)
• Registry for .pt (Portugal) has developed a project for implementation of a Security Operations Center to accelerate response to cyber security incidents and threats.
• Blog: Recalibrating the DoH Debate
•.at seeing a "dramatic increase in DNSSEC domains" - read more
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Members News

(.AU auDA)
auDA Quarterly Stakeholder Report - Q2 2019

Expressions of Interest: Licence Review Panel

Reconstitution of the auDA Board

Third Party Platforms Offering .au Domain Name Registrations: Read The Fine Print

July 2019 .au registrar briefing

(.CC/.TV Verisign)
Verisign Reports Second Quarter 2019 Results

HKIRC Announces Best .hk Website Awards 2019 Results Recognising the Achievements of Outstanding .hk Websites

(.LK LK Domain Registry) 2019 - Results Released

(.NZ InternetNZ)
Council elections 2019

.nz Policy Panel announcement

Policy team responding to Christchurch call

Press Release: NZ’s Domain Name Commission wins appeal in lawsuit against US company.

VNIX-NOG 2019 - A great opportunity to discuss peering and DNS operational issues in Viet Nam

(.WF Afnic)
Afnic hails the inscription of the French Southern and Antarctic Lands on the Wo...

Neustar Selected to Continue Operating .US Top-Level Domain

New identity management relies on transparency

(.ME DoMEn)
Igdm.ME: A Startup that Changed How We Message on Instagram

Kano.ME: What Happens When You Mix Technology With Magic?

(.MX Registry.MX)
Registry .MX hits its first Million

Registry .MX releases DNSSEC service for .MX domains

(.RU Coordination Center for .RU/.РФ)
49th registrar accredited for .RU and .РФ

Change in the founding members of Coordination Center for TLD .RU/.РФ

Russian Internet Governance Forum among world’s oldest IGF

Internet localization: Good or bad?
Hearing everyone’s voice

Russian internet is an integral part of the global network

APrIGF 2019 ‘zero’ day starts with a game

In memory of Alexander Shcherbakov

APrIGF 2019 Synthesis Document Process: Commenting Period Now Open!

Event Wrap: MyNOG 8

Opinion: Some not so private thoughts from IETF 105

Event Wrap: IDNIC OPM and APJII National Meeting 2019

Event Wrap: Lao ICT Expo 2019

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SANOG 34: Policy is community-driven

Why is IPv6 faster?

Event Wrap: PacNOG 24

IPv6 deployment workshop to be held in Malaysia this October

Event Wrap: 32nd TWNIC IP OPM and TWNOG 3.0

Event Wrap: ConnecTechAsia 2019

Dhaka to host APNIC 50

Event Wrap: APT WTSA20-1

One in four Google Public DNS requests are being intercepted in China: report

The Internet Society’s Concerns on the Recent Government Action in Kazakhstan Regarding Encrypted Internet Traffic

The Week in Internet News: Community Broadband Offers Fastest Speeds in U.S.

Policy Briefing: 6 Principles for Government Data Policies

The Week in Internet News: Amazon, Microsoft Look to Expand Internet Access

ITU: Collaborative and innovative approaches to regulation needed to unlock the full potential of digital technologies

Invitation to the 14th Annual Meeting of the IGF

IGF 2019 Registration

IGF 2019 Remote Hubs

Submit requests to book Bilateral Rooms at the IGF 2019

A 60% Rise Reported on Malware Designed to Harvest Consumers' Digital Data, aka Password Stealers

Nominet, the .UK Operator Says Its Domain Dispute Resolution Service Has Saved £180 Million to Date

Other Countries Beginning to Adopt China's Unique Approach to an Isolated Internet Structure

EU Court of Justice Ruling Could Result in Cutting Off Data Flows to US

UAE Government Launches U.AE As Official Website For Govt Services

.ID Coming to Everyone, Everywhere

“Solid” 2018 Sees PIR Reorganising and Boosting Revenues and Renewals in Challenging Times

Neustar to keep .us for another decade

Afilias to Offer Registry Lock for 28 Domain Extensions

ZADNA boss canned for “misconduct”


Updated Request for Proposal: Name Collision Analysis Project (NCAP) Study 1

ICANN67 Fellowship Application Round Now Open

The Annual ICANN APAC Space Survey is Now Open

ccNSO SOPC Comment on Draft Operating Initiatives for the development of the 2021-2025 Operating and Financial Plan

Call for Expression of Interest for Root Zone Evaluation Review Committee (“RZERC”)

Current ICANN Public Consultations

Draft Final Report of The Second Country Code Names Supporting Organization Review (ccNSO2)

Draft Financial Assumptions & Projections and Operating Initiatives for the development of Fiscal Years 2021-2025 Operating & Financial Plan

Evolving the Governance of the Root Server System

Proposed Definition of Name Collisions and Scope of Inquiry for the Name Collisions Analysis Project

GNSO Policy Development Process on IGO-INGO Access to Curative Rights Protection Mechanisms Policy Recommendations for ICANN Board Consideration