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■ Next APTLD Meeting: APTLD77, Melbourne, Australia, 20-21 February 2020
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■ APTLD Unites IDN Experts to Help LANIC    View

Members News

(.AU  auDA)
auDA Confirms Board Appointees
A look at how "closed" second level domain names are used in .au
A closer look at "RDAP" and what its implementation will mean for .au
In Convo: Kimberley Fernandez from
Satsuki Hori of JPRS selected as the Backup TCR
(.NZ  InternetNZ)
Panel phishes out issues and opportunities for .nz
.NZ Q2 Report
(.OM  TRA)
Oman hosts the third regional workshop and the third meeting on internet policies
(.SB  Solomon Telekom)
NPF youSave on mobiles
The 16th APIRA International Conference
ICANN66 | Annual General Meeting
(.WF  Afnic)
.museum, an indication of reliability and the domain of choice to boost your international reach
Afnic raises awareness among SMEs of their online presence at the Salon des Entr...
Afilias endorses Global Commission on the Stability of Cyberspace (GCSC) Final Report at Paris Peace Forum
Neustar Partners with Tatango
Netnod becomes first IX to offer 400GE ports at multiple IX locations
(.ME  DoMEn)
How to Make Use of Winter Downtime and Improve Your Brand
How To Connect Your Skype Account With Your Facebook Profile – And Why?
Connect the Best of Your Work with your Name
How to Choose The Right Domain Name
[RafaelMedina.ME] Personal Branding for Freelance Product Designers
How Product Designers Like VeraChen.Me Stand Out and Dominate Their Field
(.MX  Registry.MX)
Customer support not available – November 18th, 2019
(.RU  Coordination Center for .RU/.РФ)
Coordination Center for TLD .RU/.РФ invites you to a discussion on intellectual property protection
Celebration of .RU’s 25th anniversary to culminate at RIW 2019
Russian Internet Governance Forum discussed at ICANN 66
8th Explore the Internet & Govern It! national online championship kicks off
Universal Acceptance one of the highlights of ICANN 66
The Internet helps
Registration opens for 2019 MSK-IX Peering Forum
ICANN strategic plan to be presented in December 2019

Gaming, streaming, and network neutrality
How to hide AWS EC2 instances from network scanning bots using IPv6
Event Wrap: GNTC 2019
Samoa launches Information Technology Association
Event Wrap: MNSEC 2019
The impact of 5G on IP transport networks
Event Wrap: 19th ITCN Asia and Telecom Conference and Expo
New generation of attacks targeting Active Directory can be mitigated
Network Time Security: new NTP authentication mechanism
It’s time we developed our next generation of network engineers
Event Wrap: APEC TEL 60
Event Wrap: GFCE Annual Meeting 2019
Notes from OARC 31
Locals learning from locals is a hit in Mongolia
DNS Wars
Security Incident on the CENTR website
CENTR publishes its Report on ICANN66
20 years on... an interview with Isabel Miranda
EU Policy Update - October 2019
IETF 106 Begins Nov 16 in Singapore – Here is how you can participate remotely in building open Internet standards
IoT Security Policy Platform Wants to Raise the Bar On Global IoT Security
Ethos Capital to Acquire Public Interest Registry from the Internet Society
The Internet Society & Public Interest Registry: A New Era of Opportunity
Heads Up! A Slight Change to the Internet Society Election Process
The Week in Internet News: Facebook Moves Forward with Encryption, Despite Concerns
A Step Further in Making Pakistan Digitally Accessible
For APAC Consumers, It’s a Love-Hate Relationship with Big Tech
ITU devising ‘Driving Test’ for the AI ‘Drivers’ in control of automated vehicles
New ITU data reveal growing Internet uptake but a widening digital gender divide
Internet Commerce Association Calls for ICANN to Withhold Approval of .Org Sale

Cybersecurity Workforce Needs to Grow 145% to Close Skills Gap Worldwide, Says New Study

U.S. Supreme Court To Decide If Adding .COM Makes A Protected Trademark
Europeans, Get Your .EU Domains All In Greek!
PIR Eyeing Growth Opportunities Following Ethos Capital Takeover
A Call to Action on Advancing Cyberstability: Global Commission Launches Final Report
Short-Lived Domains Play Major Part In Phishing Campaigns: Akamai
…from somewhere over the Rainbow
Selling off PIR, did ISOC just throw .org registrants under a bus?
DI Leaders Roundtable #2 — Should we kill off “Whois”?
Former NTIA chief Redl now working for Amazon
Neustar’s .co contract up for grabs
US official Heineman joins GoDaddy
Surprise! ICANN throws out complaints about .org price caps
Centralnic Acquires Parking Crew
León Felipe Sánchez Ambía Gets Second Term on ICANN Board

Social Media

Andi Budimansyah of PANDI shared thoughts at the ACIOA Forum 11-12 Nov 2019   Post
ICANN Fellowship Program applications are now open for #ICANN68 in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.  Link
Congratulations to the new IPv6 Hall of Famer (the IPv6 EVANGELIST AWARD), Thang Nguyen and VNNIC.
APTLD Unites IDN Experts to Help LANIC  Link & Photo
New (kinda) geo-TLD rules laid out at ICANN 66
Happening now: the cross-community working group on Internet Governance: APTLD has been given a slot to highlight on the World Internet Conference.  Photo

ICANN66 on-site posts:

  • Happening now at ccNSO: candidates to the ccNSO Council are facing the community en route to the election at ICANN66 in Cancun. Note that all regions put just 1 candidates while Asia Pacific boasts two-, Ai-chin LU of. TW and Atsushi Endo of. JP (let alone Stephen Deerhake who represents North America). Photo
  • Happening now at the ccNSO policy session: discussing admission of IDN ccTLDs to ccNSO. Bart Boswinkel of ICANN is a walking repository of ICANN policies.  Photo
  • IN Registry presented @ICANN66 Montreal - update on .IN Migration.  Post
  • Happening now at the ccNSO Meeting: Yudho Giri Sucahyo, Chair of PANDI, delivers a very impressive presentation on risk management and preparedness.  Photo
  • Happening now at ICANN66: a very special session to introduce and ask questions to candidates to ICANN Board. Patricio Poblete of. CL (Chile), Calvin Browne of a backend provider to . ZA (South Africa) in the room and Nigel Phair of. AU remotely are facing a lot of tough questions from the community. The discussion is facilitated by Byron Holland of. CA    Post
  • Now happening at the ccNSO Meeting: Jacque de Latour of. CA and Reggis Masse of. FR performing a good stand-up gig which requires singing in unison.   Photo
  • Just finished at ICANN66: the ccNSO met with the ICANN Board, shooting questions and answers at each other.   Photo
  • GMs of the 4 regional organizations, have got together to discuss matters of mutual concern and exchange best practice cases. Meet clockwise:Barrack Otieno (AFTLD), Miguel Ignacio ("Nacho") Estrada (LACTLD), Leonid Todorov (APTLD), Peter Van Roste (CENTR).   Photo

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ICANN68 Fellowship Application Round Now Open
Call for SOs/ACs to Nominate Fellowship Program Mentors
2022 ICANN Public Meeting – Community Forum Location Announced
ICANN66 Montréal GAC Communiqué Now Available
the IGLC needs your input for its repository of Internet Governance events
ccNSO Council meeting at ICANN66 – Agenda and Resolutions
ccNSO Council Resolutions – ICANN66
ICANN66 ccNSO Members Meeting | we seek your feedback

Current ICANN Public Consultations

Registration Directory Service (RDS-WHOIS2) Review Team Final Report
Proposed IANA SLAs for ccTLD Creation and Transfer
DRAFT PTI and IANA FY21 Operating Plan and Budgets
Implementation Plan for the GNSO Consensus Policy Relating to the Protection of Certain Red Cross Names
Proposal for Future Root Zone KSK Rollovers