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Recent Updates:

■ Next APTLD Meeting: APTLD77, Melbourne, Australia, 20-21 February 2020
Meeting WebsiteOnline RegistrationAgenda (29 Nov 2019)
■ APTLD77 Fellows Selected View
■ New ‘Country Profile’ dashboard on APTLDdata: (Ordinary Members Only)

- The APTLD data platform has added a new page which provides a profile of most member countries. The interactive dashboard gives information on TLD market share estimates, domains per capita, popular websites and social media usage.  Most indicators include comparisons with the APTLD member average as well as trend charts.

Members News

(.AU  auDA)
Staying safe when making donations online

Who is APNIC and what is their role in the .au internet ecosystem?

(.CC/.TV  Verisign)
Recognizing Lessons Learned From the First DNSSEC Key Rollover, a Year Later

(.NZ  InternetNZ)
Shop safe New Zealand

DNC newsletter - November 2019

DNC board minutes - August 2019

Planned Maintenance at MYNIC Domain Management System and SELFCARE Platform

(.QA  CRA)
CRA Conducts Workshops in Collaboration with ICANN about Domain Name System

(.SB  Solomon Telekom)
Our Telekom hosts BA5 for clients

Our Telekom contributions to Sustainable Development Goals

Public Lecture on "The Era of Human Robot Collaboration" by Professor Oussama Khatib

TRBR Telecommunications Sector Report 2019

Operational Policy Documents for the Management of .vu ccTLD

Engineering Officer

Reception and Administration Officer

(.WF  Afnic)
Decoding brand-specific domain names: Why brand TLDs are so highly coveted

Neustar and Equifax Enter into Agreement to Deliver Superior Segmentation Solutions for the Financial Services Industry

DDoS attacks up 241% in Q3 2019 compared to same period last year

Call for presentations Netnod Meeting 2020

DENIC Makes Use of Newly Registered .de Domains Possible within Five Minutes

IG Radar: DENIC Information Platform Explains Internet Governance Processes

(.ME  DoMEn)
5 Things Parents Need to Know about COPPA Act

New Content Creators: Welcome to the Age of Kidfluencers

Top 7 Essential Elements of Website Homepage

(.RU  Coordination Center for .RU/.РФ)
New participant in Netoscope project

ICANN 73 to be held in Puerto Rico

How to: Running and securing your own email system

Staying ahead in security with bug bounty programs

Event Wrap: NetThing 2019

Event Wrap: NetHui 2019

Event Wrap: KHNOG 2019

Encouraging successful community networks

Thoughts from IETF 106

Staying ahead of breaches: 4 tips for a proactive security program

Bridging the policy and technical communities on international cybersecurity discussions

How consumer IoT devices expose information

NetThing: Reinvigorating a community in Australia

Better mail security with DANE for SMTP

Palmtree router: A secure and private Internet gateway

New country profile dashboard

CENTR website temporarily offline

CENTR publishes its Report on RIPE79

IGF 2019 DRAFT Chair's Summary

Berlin IGF Messages

IGF 2019 Outputs

MAG 2020 Chair and members appointed

Member News: Innovative Projects to Help Close the Digital Divide

Winners of the 2019 Chapterthon To Be Announced On 11 December – Voting Is Open Now!

What Is a Man in the Middle (MITM) Attack?

Deep Dive: A Look at Top Retailers’ Security Practices

The Week in Internet News: Balloon-Based Internet Comes to the Amazon

Rachel Player Honored by Internet Security Research Group with Radiant Award

IGF 2019: eco and Internet Society to Work Together for a Secure and Globally Connected Internet

Alain Aina: 2019 Jonathan B. Postel Service Award Winner

The Week in Internet News: Let’s Encrypt Doubles the Number of Secure Websites

Five Key Takeaways from the Summit in Asia-Pacific on Deploying, Sustaining and Scaling Community Networks

ITU World Radiocommunication Conference agrees key parameters for future communication technologies

ITU World Radiocommunication Conference adopts new regulatory procedures for non-geostationary satellites

Declaration on Promoting Gender Equality, Equity and Parity in the ITU Radiocommunication Sector

ITU World Radiocommunication Conference wraps up

Internet Society CEO Responds to Concerns Raised Over the .ORG Sale

We Have Now Run Out of IPv4 Addresses, Says RIPE NCC

EFF and 26 Other Organizations Send Letter to Internet Society Urging It to Stop Sale of .ORG

Microsoft Announces Plans to Adopt DoH in Windows

Nominet Donating £1 To Samaritans With Every New .UK Domain Registration

Verisign Wants You To Know All About Roll, Roll, Roll Your Root, The KSK Rollover One

EURid Wins Domains Award At 18th eco://awards For Domain Registration Abuse Prevention System

NetActuate Announces Program to Support Emerging ccTLDs

CentralNic Acquires Domain Monetisation Company Team Internet

Governments kill off another gTLD bid

Four big developments in the .org pricing scandal

DI Leaders Roundtable #3 — What did you think of ICANN 66?

ICANN board meets to consider PIR acquisition TODAY (21 Nov.)

XYZ buys dormant gTLD from “pyramid scheme” operator

IGF 2020 to be Held in Katowice, Poland

ISOC to Hold Webinar on the PIR Sale

PIR and Ethos Capital Answer Key Questions About ORG Sale

Nonprofits Mobilise Against PIR Sale

Submit Your Domains for Namescon Auction

Social Media

Unveiled at the global IGF and introduced by Tim Berners-Li, Contract for the Web is a global plan of action to make our online world safe and empowering for everyone.

MYNIC: Raising awareness of the global digital online business opportunities for local businesses in Malaysia Photos
The 2019 IDN World Report Shows 20% IDN Growt

The ICANN Board recently passed a resolution to initiate the Root Server System (RSS) Governance Working Group (GWG): consequently, the ccNSO needs to appoint two (2) volunteers to the Root Server System CWG. A call for volunteers will be published in approximately a week from now, and it will include among others further background details on the RSS GWG, information on how to join, the candidate qualification requirements and the selection process. Link

After long negotiations, .AZ, represented by Mr. Faig Farmanov, the CEO, has decided to join APTLD as an Ordinary Member. The application should be reviewed by the Board, of course, but we are happy to welcome .AZ to the APTLD family. Photo

Voijislav Rodic’s nice recap on Tim's Grand plan to save the Internet from itself. Video

IGF on-site posts:

  • Thank you,, for a privilege to address the Youth IGF and share some background about APTLD Post
  • IGF Belarus's groundbreaking Youth IGF has been quite a success, with the local youth actively participating in interactive discussion, such as a fishbowl debate on fighting cyber-bulling Photo
  • The pre-IGF reception in Belarus features beautiful string trio. Rumors are Sergey Povalishev, CEO of, is a big fan of strings, some of which are not necessarily ASCII or IDN country codes Video
  • That is how was running the first ever Youth IGF in Belarus Photos
  • Exploring the issue of Internet fragmentation challenges at IGF Belarus Post
  • Day O is opened by the federal Minister, a person who carries quite a weight. Taking a legitimate pride in the unvelievable turnout of 5,000, he reiterated the usual slogans. The Internet, claims he, should not build walls, like the Berlin wall that was brought down 30 years ago. A novelty, perhaps, is there is a greater focus on the role of MPs in the process of legitimizing robust IG practices and the pledge of 1m Euros to Poland, the next host of the global IGF. Photo
  • Photo CEO of Siemens. Hard to guess buzz words? 5G, cybersecurity, extraterritorial and transborder nature of the Internet, data fliws, legal regimes. Also, there should be a Contract for the Web, a new initiative by Tim Berners Lee, which will be unveiled later in the day. Siemens also came with
    6 proposals: 1) the integrity of data enforceable by law; 2) data owners are in control of data; 3) cybersecurity - a Charter of Trust as a set of rules to follow voluntarily to stay in Siemens's ecosystem; 4) co-creation-teaming up for good things; 5) data for the public good-by industry and for the Human kind, whether medicine or industry; 6) sustainable values.
    We need actionable items across the IG agenda.
    We are late in defining the rules, but it is time to do so. If not us, it will be defined by someone else.
    It is terrible to hear ideas to decouple the Internet. We need to integrate, tolerate, and tell the truth about the intent.
  • A high-level panel on data governance organized by OECD. Proud to represent the APTLD community on the panel. Photo
  • A national and regional IG initiatives session, which usually is a bore, is now moderated brilliantly by Vlada Radunovic of Diplo Foundation. Small wonder the room is packed and spirits are high. The diverse multistakeholder panel does not chew gum but is keen to discuss best practices in cooperation in cybersecurity, awareness raising, and transborder challenges. Photo
  • An ICANN-led session on DNS threats and opportunities is well attended Photos
  • Here is the Opening session of IGF in Berlin, shared by hoster. By Post
  • When the UN Secretary General and M-me Merkel played their part, the thinkers and visionaries climbed on the stage to reflect on the future of IG. More details in a report to Members. Photo
  • A session on which we discuss, whether we should tackle illicit content through the DNS. Great panel sharing its very insightful comments Photo
  • IGF is all about networking. It was a great pleasure to meet Omer El-Faruk Mohamed, the acting CEO of. QA (in the Center) , and his supervisor from TRA to discuss cooperation projects; likewise, it was a great pleasure to meet Rt. Ikram Hassan, MP from the Republic of Maldives, an engineer by training and an IG enthusiast. Photos

Come and visit MYNIC's booth at Kembara Digital Malaysia @ Stadium Kuala Pilah. Post

Change of guards at RNIDS, the .RS/СРБ registry of Serbia: Voiijslav Rodic, the Council Chair, and Vladimir Manic, the CEO, have left the registry following the Council and staff rotation procedure. Both Voja and Vladimir were instrumental in getting RNIDS involved in APTLD as an Associate Member and we thank them for their service and commitment to the community but not bidding farewell to them, of course, as our paths will definitely cross one day. With the search for a new CEO underway, it is Dejan Djukic who will remain the principal contact until further notice.

Yudho Giri Sucahyo, Chair of PANDI, has become Full Professor in computer science. Congratulations! Post

Someone got their own '.gov' website by pretending to be a small-town mayor and filling out an online form

ICANN 66: Focus on domain abuse (blog from Nominet, .uk)

ICANN66:  GeoTLD application criteria unchanged

DNS Encryption - Evolution or revolution - blog from CIRA (.ca registry)

SIDN article on the RRDG: "You can't compare apples with pears"

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Country Code Top-Level Domains Can Now Participate in ICANN’s Domain Abuse Activity Reporting (DAAR) System

Election Notice: ccNSO Council, Asia-Pacific Region

The November 2019 edition of the ccNSO monthly newsletter is out now

The .tz ccTLD Manager joins as newest member of the ccNSO

Call for Volunteers: Root Server System Governance Working Group (RSS GWG)

Letter from Chair of the ccNSO to the ICANN NomCom - 22 November 2019

Letter to ECA – Approval Action Decision – Amendment of Fundamental Bylaw Section 18.7 (b) - 22 November 2019

Letter to CSC - Approval SLA change: introduction IDN table/LGR metrics- 22 November 2019