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■ Next APTLD Meeting: APTLD78, Taipei, Taiwan, 3-4 September 2020
   ¶ Online Registration       ¶ Agenda of Virtual Meeting (26 June 2020)
■ APTLD78 to be held online    View
■ APTLD Chair's Thank You Letter to The SPRWG Chair    View
■ SPRWG Chair's Letter to the APTLD Chair    View

■ A How-To Webinar for APTLD Members and Guests    View

Members News

(.AU  auDA)
A breakdown of "search" and how it impacts the visibility of your .au website
The impact of COVID-19 on online activity in Australia
(.CC/.TV  Verisign)
Verisign Expands MANRS Relationship to Strengthen Global Routing Security
English Version of "JP Domain Name Registry Report 2019" Posted
JPRS received 2019 assessment report from JPNIC regarding the performance in fulfilling the responsibilities as JP Domain Name registry.
Planned Maintenance at MYNIC Email Solution
Maintenance for Service Enhancement
(.NZ  InternetNZ)
DNS Firewall - a new layer of your security
(.QA  CRA)
CRA Publishes Results of Quality of Service Audit of Mobile Networks 2019
(.SA  SaudiNIC)
CITC Signs Agreement with "Monshaat" to Enable Small and Medium Enterprises to Become Accredited Registrars for Saudi Domain Names
TCCtech Supports BKNIX’s Project on Remote Meeting Platform Through enhance the quality of connectivity required by entrepreneurs during the COVID-19 pandemic
The 68th ICANN Policy Forum conference begins on June 22, 2020
2020 World Consumer Rights Day Report
Lucien Castex appointed Afnic's Representative for Public Affairs and Partnership Development
The Foliweb Awards recognise the digital transition of VSEs
How Copenhagen became a peering hotspot
ICANN69: Meeting Online Instead of in Hamburg
(.ME  DoMEn)
Impact of Social Media on our Kids
Morten Grønning – Product Designer You Have to Follow
Essential Freelance Tools and Resources
Meet Anita: the Product Management and Marketing Professional
(.RU  CC for TLD .RU/.РФ)
Demand for positive content grows during pandemic
Solutions to introduce Cyrillic emails developed over 36 hours
Interest in coronavirus-related domains drops
SprintLabs registrar passes technical tests and starts registration activities
The evolution of the domain industry continues
Results of the 10 Years of .РФ: Internet in Russian digital dictation – Correcting mistakes
Domains vs. social media: Who’s winning?
Technical and cultural aspects of UA discussed at EuroDIG 2020
Continued decline in registration of coronavirus-related domains
94 percent of popular Russian websites accept email addresses with new gTLDs
Coordination Center for TLD .RU/.РФ changes its founders

APrIGF 2020 Going Virtual!
APrIGF 2020 Election Process Announcement
Mytel launches IPv6 in Myanmar
The BGP Tuner: intuitive anycast management
SR TI-LFA: Segment Routing and Topology Independent Loop-Free Alternates
Measuring IPv6
A new way to measure Route Origin Validation
How do you configure DNS resolvers?
Networking from Home in South Asia
New submarine cable to strengthen Pakistan ICT community
Where is the DNS heading?
Trust, neutrality keys to sustainable Internet exchange, Pakistan
What drives technology adoption in the Internet?
A day in the life of the Covid DNS
CENTR publishes its Guide to ICANN68
IGF: MAG 2021 Renewal
DESA USG Letter to the MAG on SG's Roadmap for Digital Cooperation
2nd Open Consultations & MAG Meeting: Summary & DESA USG Remarks
Session & IGF Village proposals
ITU to hold Economic Experts Roundtable on COVID-19 and the digital economy
ITU 2020 Guidelines on Child Online Protection (COP) respond to new challenges and significant shifts in the digital landscape
Global Esports Federation joins ITU to launch global dialogue on esports
WSIS Forum 2020: World’s largest annual gathering of the ‘ICT for development’ community goes virtual
Internet Society Response To SaveDotOrg Letter
Closing the Digital Divide in Nepal
Internet Society Report Highlights Opportunity for Advanced Digital Economy in Africa
Eighty for Africa: Kenya and Nigeria’s IXP Success
Open Call To The Next Generation of Internet Leaders – Apply for the IGF Youth Ambassadors Program
The Week in Internet News: U.S. DOJ Wants to Hold Website Liable for User Comments
What Does a Post-COVID World Look Like in Small Island Developing States?
“The Internet is a deeply human technology”
Internet Society and Alliance for Affordable Internet Partner to Promote Community Networks and Expand Access for All
Department of Commerce to Allow US Companies Work With Chinese to Develop 5G and Other Standards
As the world burns, ICANN gives its richest execs huge pay rises is kicking out a racist web site. How long before it winds up at Epik?
Over 660,000 “coronavirus” domains registered
Watch three members of the ICANN community get assassinated
“Horrifying” Zoombombing attack on ICANN meeting, again
Coronavirus is saving ICANN millions of your money, but will it use the cash wisely?
Half as many women apply for ICANN leadership jobs
ICANN decision to cancel Hamburg was NOT unanimous
NamesCon goes virtual with intriguing 24-hour conference concept
Virtual cocktails coming to ICANN meetings. Really.
GoDaddy, PorkBun and Endurance win domain “blocking” court fight
Donuts rolls out free phishing attack protection for all registrants
PIR Launches ORG Impact Awards
All US Government Websites to Start Using HTTPS
Olivier Crépin-Leblond Awarded by ICANN

Social Media

APTLD joined the Regional Organizations Panel at ICANN68     Post
Just happened at ICANN68: the first ever ccNSO session opened with a panel session on ccTLD governance models featuring 2 APTLD members - . JP and. MX.     Post
.nl now has 6 million registered domain names     News

.UZ keeps growing - it has added >6K registrations since the beginning of the year and boasts 80K of active domains as of 17 June 2020.    Post

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ICANN68 Governmental Advisory Committee Communiqué Now Available
ICANN Announces NextGen@ICANN69 Participants
Adopted FY21-25 Operating and Financial Plan and Adopted FY21 Budget Take Effect 1 July 2020
ICANN Extends Call for Expressions of Interest for 2021 Nominating Committee Chair and Chair-Elect through 7 July 2020
2020 ICANN Community Excellence Award Honors Olivier Crépin-Leblond
Domain Name Marketplace Indicators Published on the Open Data Platform
ICANN Signs Memorandum of Understanding with the Global Cyber Alliance
Third Accountability and Transparency Review Team (ATRT3) Final Report
APIGA 2020 Cancelled Due to COVID-19
ICANN68 ccNSO Members Meeting | We seek your feedback!
Please RSVP: Webinar on the CCWG Auction Proceeds Final Report | Tuesday, 7 July at 12:00 UTC
Agenda & draft resolutions | ccNSO Council Meeting at ICANN68
ccNSO Council Minutes, 21 May
Save the date: Join a ccNSO webinar and learn more about ccPDP4 on the (de)selection of IDN ccTLD strings
Consult now the PTI update to the ccNSO and broader ccTLD community
The June 2020 edition of the ccNSO monthly newsletter is out now.
Consult now an IGLC repository of ICANN68 sessions, addressing ccTLD-relevant topics in the Internet Governance area

Current ICANN Public Consultations

ccNSO PDP3: Initial Proposals for Process to Retire ccTLDs
Latin America and Caribbean (LAC) Regional Strategic Plan for FY2021-2025
Third Accountability and Transparency Review Team (ATRT3) Final Report
Enhancing the Effectiveness of ICANN’s Multistakeholder Model – Next Steps