The Webinar on DNNSEC for .AF and local ISPs in Kabul

On 30 May 2017, the .AF ccTLD registry, APNIC and APTLD teamed up to deliver a groundbreaking webinar on DNSSEC for the registry staff and representatives of the local technical community.

The webinar was delivered on the .AF registry’s request as a part of an APTLD’s commitment to help bolster members’ capacity voiced at its 70th Members Meeting in Bangkok in September 2016.

The room was full and local technical experts were all eyes and ears during a session that originally had been scheduled for an hour but due to a huge interest and many poignant and relevant questions from the audience was extended for another 60 minutes.

“was really perfect for us andpresented the DNSSEC component very good. The explanation of the public key and private key concept was clear. My colleagues are happy with this webinar”,- says Ms. Nadia Hashimi, Acting Director for Information System Security of the Ministry of Communication and IT and APTLD Fellow.

“The webinar was useful for me and for my all colleagues as it has helped increase our capacity and knowledge and also helps us in our operational area. I learned lots of new things about DNSSEC,- adds Mr. Khalil Kabirzoy, Head of the Ministry’s PKI - Information System Security Directorate, - I am looking forward to arranging such webinars for ISSD in the future and APTLD and APNIC’s support to us in increasing our capacity and knowledge”.

“If possible, I want to extend such a webinars to cover all government entities”,- concludes Nadia.

“We are very happy to partner with the .AF ccTLD registry and APTLD to facilitate this webinar. We are also very glad to know that this webinar was very useful for the people in the Ministry of Communication and IT in Afghanistan. APNIC has a strong commitment to support the skill development of APNIC members as well as the overall Internet community and we hope to continue our partnership with APTLD by arranging more webinars in future”,- says Nurul Islam Roman, APNIC’s Training and Technical Assistance Manager.

“It has been a great pleasure working with the APNIC team which proved extremely efficient and attentive to our member’s requirements in preparation for the webinar. The training session was run extremely professionally from the methodological perspective, and its interactive mode enabled the class to capture even minor details, given that for many English is just a second language”,- comments Leonid Todorov, GM APTLD.

APTLD and APNIC are hoping that the webinar has opened a new page in the long history of cooperation between the two major regional organizations as guided by an MoU signed a few years ago. They are committed to expand this good-practice case in the capacity building area across Asia Pacific for the benefit of APTLD members.