Keen to promote its Members' capacity, greater understanding of, and participation in, the APTLD community's activities and decision making process, improve their awareness of the Internet Governance ecosystem and its individual elements, APTLD regulrly awards different kinds of Fellowships and encourages its Members to apply for them on the basis of competition.

Also, APTLD has teamed up with ISOC Bureaus for Asia Pacific and Europe to award joint Fellowships to some Members and Observers.

For a complete list of Fellowships and respective terms and conditions, please check the APTLD Fellowship Matrix.

Ongoing Fellowships
Fellows: Eldar Ishimbaev (.UZ), Mohammad Zahid Stanikzai (.AF), Sergo Karakozov (IDN ccTLD for Georgia)

more Completed Fellowships
Fellows: Hamad Al-Droubi (.JO)
Fellows: Baha Khasawnah (.JO), Anghzaya Tseden (.MN)
Fellows: Saif Akhmed (.IQ), Ms. Ahlam M. Abu-Jadallah (.JO), Berry Amol (.PG, ISOC/APTLD Fellow), Nicolau Santos Celestino (.TL, ISOC/APTLD Fellow), Phouthong Sisvath & Ms. Anisone Kingsada (.LA, Observer, ISOC/APTLD Fellows)
Fellows: Suraj Adhikari (.NP), Ms. Nadia Khashemi (.AF), Joel Waqa (.NR), Grigory Saghyan (.AM) (.AM, ISOC/APTLD Fellow), Ms. Nadira Alaraj (ALAC/APTLD Fellow)
Fellows: Sanjib Raj Bhandari (.NP); Yousef M. Sarairah (.JO), Bill Tomon (.PG), Ms. Lianna Galstyan (.AM (ISOC/APTLD Fellow)), Andrew Molivurae (.VU) (ISOC-APTLD Fellow)); Nicolau Santos Celestino (.TL) (ISOC-APTLD Fellow)), Ms. Siranush Vardanyan (ALAC/APTLD Fellow)