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APTLD Newsletter (22 May 2023)

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Recent Updates:

■ Next APTLD Meeting: APTLD84 Members Meeting, South Korea Seoul, 18-20 September, 2023
¶  Meeting Website         ¶ Online Registration         ¶  Agenda(19 May)

Members News

TDRA celebrates the World Telecommunication and Information Society Day

TDRA Hosts the Annual Partners Gathering 2023

TDRA participates in SAMENA Summit on the role of telecommunications in supporting the digital economy

TDRA Nominates Mohammed Al Ramsi as Chairman of WRC-23

*(.AU auDA)
Call for Applications for Appointed and Elected Non-Executive Directors

Trusted online choice: .au world’s tenth most popular domain

Australia’s National Cyber Security Strategy

auDA Quarterly Report Q1 2023

The 21st Annual General Meeting of Hong Kong Internet Registration Corporation Limited

*(.LK  LK Domain Registry)
Early Renewal 10% Discount

Bestweb.lk 2023 Webinars and discussions

gov.lk /sch.lk /ac.lk (NEW) applicant

*(.SB Our Telekom)
Service Interruption Update

BKNIX Celebrates Successful Peering Forum with Record Participation and Announces Opening of Sixth Internet Exchange Service Point

*(.NZ internetnz)
In memory of Jim Higgins

Is your business asking for too much personal information online?

Grants announcement – supporting community initiatives

Grants announcement – supporting diverse voices

Starlink Registration, QOS and Coverage audit and Complaint handling Procedure notice

.fr fees: new public consultation

.հայ is celebrating its 7th anniversary with unprecedented development opportunities

*(Digital Identity)
Identity Digital Domain Trend Report: April 2023

New TLDs to Join the GoDaddy Registry Domain Portfolio!

* (.ME  DoMEn)
How To Improve The Work-Life Balance Of Your Employees

Ian Anderson Gray Helps Entrepreneurs Maximize Their Impact With The Power Of Live Video

The Psychology Behind A Brand Name

Proton Advances Society By Advancing Freedom

*(.MX  Registry.MX)
Digital marketing tips for small businesses

Registration is open for IGF Serbia 2023

*(.RU Cooperation Center for TLD .RU/.РФ)
The Winners Of The 2023 Family IT Marathon Announced

Moscow Hosted The III Youth Internet Governance Forum

Happy Birthday to .РФ!

“To Make Smart World By Children’s Hands”: Summer Conference For Students

Welcome to the Virtual Awards Ceremony for the Winners of the Family IT Marathon


*(WhoisXML API)
Widen Your Threat Visibility with Our New Threat Intelligence Data Feeds (TIDF)

Scouring the DNS for Traces of Bumblebee SEO Poisoning

A DNS Deep Dive: That VPN Service May Be OpcJacker in Disguise

Searching for Nevada Ransomware Digital Crumbs in the DNS


EU Policy Update – April 2023

Death of TCP predicted: News at 11

Privacy and networking: Part 3 — Is an IP address protected information for privacy?

Open Resolvers: Understanding security risks and best practices

RFC 9234 observed in the wild
Good day, sunshine

Privacy and networking: Part 2 — Legal and ethical privacy

Assessing performance and QoS of a distributed peering platform

[Podcast] How much buffer is enough?

BGP route leak prevention and detection with the help of RFC 9234

Event Wrap: PCTA Convention 2023

DNS privacy vs…

ITU targets USD 100 billion by 2026 to accelerate global digitalization

Media registration open for ITU’s Global Symposium for Regulators 2023

Three more dot-brands realize the futility of existence

woke.com among domains in NamesCon auction

Domainer asks court to block Epik sell-off

.web delay likely after Verisign rival files ICANN appeal

CentralNic starts returning cash to shareholders as revenue grows

Newly launched .zip already looks dodgy

Progress made on next new gTLD round rules

Brands ask for cheaper ICANN fees

ICANN salary porn: 2022 edition

Tucows and GoDaddy see weakness in big-ticket aftermarket sales

Another registrar seemingly vanishes

Telegram Links Being Blocked in France

WTISD 2023 calls for bold digital action

Progress on time signals and frequency standard emissions

Space-division multiplexing

Social Media

Have you ever imagined yourself being in the crowd of highrollers sporting tuxedos and evening gowns?
In the lead-up to #APTLD84, we invite you to a unique tiny corner in Asia Pacific to try high life and get acquainted with .MO. That’s right, we are taking Macau and its ccTLD registry, and long standing APTLD Member.
Macao (also spelled Macau) is a prosperous Chinese territory (Special Administrative Region) in Southeast Asia. Its economy is largely reliant on gambling namely casinos and gaming centers. About 80% of the government’s revenue is generated from gambling taxes. Macao is known as the “Las Vegas of Asia” and millions of tourists visit the place every year not just to gamble but to explore the city’s fabulous hotels, restaurants and architecture. The government has recently investing a lot of effort to portray Macau not only as a destination for gamblers but also as a city that has so much more to offer.
The registry for .MO is operated by the Macao Network Information Centre (MONIC). Operated by the University of Macau since 1992, MONIC administers the registration of the country-code domain names ccTLD.
To further promote the development of services, the Government of Macau changed the operation entity of MONIC. Effective from 12 March 2011, HNET Asia Limited  appointed by the Macau government, is responsible for operating MONIC.
HNET aims at optimising and developing the Macau domain name. It vowed to contribute to the development of the internet industry in Macau, as well as managing the  IDN ccTLD.澳門, and leveraging DNSSEC and other capabilities for the registry.
At present, domain names are open to local businesses and organisations and cannot be registered by the general public.
.MO also boasts 2nd and 3rd level registrations
Second-level domain name registrations at.mo and.澳門 are open to commercial entities in Macau, while third-level Domain name registrations for the following customers:
• .com.mo, .公司.mo, .公司.澳門 – commercial entities
• .edu.mo, .教育.mo, .教育.澳門 – educational institutions
• .gov.mo, .政府.mo, .政府.澳門 – government departments
• .net.mo, .網絡.mo, .網絡.澳門 – network service providers
• .org.mo, .組織.mo, .組織.澳門 – non-profit organizations
Interestingly, aside from usage as Macau’s two-letter country code, MO is also used to abbreviate other words. Popular meanings of MO include: Missouri (US state), month (time and date), Morocco (country) and even medical officer (occupation)!

Did you know? It.com does and is ready to share their knowledge…
An Amazon Web Services study found that ecommerce businesses lose 35% of their sales due to poor user experience, which equates to approximately $1.4 trillion in missed opportunities.
Subscribe and we will tell you how to avoid it. picture

Communications Regulatory Authority – هيئة تنظيم الاتصالات: pledge to the nation—
#CRAQatar efforts contribute to the growth of the #Qatar economy by upgrading the #ICT sector.

The season of MoUs for The Telecommunications and Digital Government Regulatory Authority (TDRA): first with Nokia, then with colleagues from Greece—
TDRA signs MoU with Nokia for cooperation in the fields of #training#learning and #technical development picture

MYNIC Berhad inspires registrars to kick off a wordlwide expansion of .MY. picture

Whois API, LLC: Zoom clients, beware! link

The 2023 Serbian IGF was a huge success and Регистар националног Интернет домена Србије – РНИДС was the driving force behind it. picture

Users speak and Afnic listens…—-
New public consultation on the planned rate increase for the .fr and French Overseas TLDs.
Send us your contributions before June 6th, 2023 https://www.afnic.fr/en/observatory-and-resources/news/fr-fees-new-public-consultation/
#Afnic #DotFR #domains #ccTLDs #Internet #France

An IoT class for young enthusiasts from ISOC.am picture

Imagine….No, better like this- Reimagine the Internet with HKIRC as the most hospitable host of the upcoming APAC DNS Forum

Are you in? Jeff Bedser always means business, FYI—
Come meet our CEO, Jeff Bedser at Namescon in Austin Texas and talk DNS Abuse, management and mitigation. picture

Shouting out to the APTLD community – we need your involvement! https://aptld.org/about/newsroom/18692/

In the lead-up to #APTLD84, let’s fly to Mongolia, to meet Datacom LLC | Датаком ХХК -the registry operator for Mongolia’s .MNccTLD and мон (“mon”) cyrillic IDN ccTLD
The .MN domain is an Open Use ccTLD, and registration is available to anyone at the top level.
Some second-level domains are reserved for special use, such as:.gov.mn – government institutions.edu.mn – educational institutions.org.mn – non-profit organisations, and edu.mn and gov.mn, are administered separately by Erdemnet ISP and the National Data Center of Mongolia, respectively
The registry doesn’t generally require specific second-level domains.
Interesting facts about the .MN and its registry:
The .MN domain name is becoming more popular in Minnesota, but it still is not widely recognized. The .MN domain in Minnesota is used primarily as a ‘clever’ domain name like vita.mn (a play on vitamin), or for location specific sites like apartments.mn. A search on Google for .MN yields mostly State of Minnesota domains like .mn.us or .mn.gov.
Since 2017, members of the Datacom Ltd. team have reconnected with the community and quite a number of them already participated in APTLD Fellowship programs with quite interesting updates on the local ccTLD and its operations, including its own Academia!

The UA Day Report by MYNIC Berhadhttps://www.facebook.com/reel/2090963421113895—
Proud to be part of .MY UA Day 2023 organised by MCMC. A heartfelt thank you to MCMC for inviting us, together with the support from ICANN.
We appreciate everyone who attended today. We were thrilled to take part in this fantastic forum, discussing the ideas and creating various communities.
Once again, thank you, and until next time!

A new Internet study booster program for the youth from VietNam Internet Network Information Center – VNNIC picture

We all saw the recent collapse of two giant banks in the USA and Switzerland, right? And innumerous financial analysts talking the talk; however, it is only up to Whois API, LLC to find out how that affected DNS.

Регистар националног Интернет домена Србије – РНИДС is hosting the national IGF tomorrow. Best of luck! —
INVITATION to visit The Serbian Internet Governance Forum 2023 (IGF Srbija) on 16th of May.
We invite representatives of the public and private sector, civil society, Internet companies and academic organisations, as well as all interested to participate in the discussions.
More information, the programme and registration are available on igf.rs.
This year IGF Serbia is organizing by the Foundation “Registrar of the National Internet Domain of Serbia” (Регистар националног Интернет домена Србије – РНИДС), Ministry of Trade, Tourism and Telecommunications (Министарство информисања и телекомуникација), DiploFoundation, Internet Society Serbia (ISOC Srbija) and Gransy.
Global partners are USAID – US Agency for International Development and InternewsICANNRIPE NCC, The Commissioner for Protection of Equality (Poverenik za zaštitu ravnopravnosti)

That is how it should be done, folks! No doubt LK Domain Registry knows the secret of inspiring youth! picture

Chess Armageddon? Hardly so, but looks like It.com is pretty serious about chess:)))—
Two days in the #WorldChessArmageddon: Women’s Week with Humpy, Mammadzada, Kashlinskaya, and Bibisara being victorious to get promoted to the winners’ bracket! Paehtz, Kosteniuk, Dzagnidze, and Khadem will fight tonight for two spots in the next round  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-ZsFu8-6s2E

Communications Regulatory Authority – هيئة تنظيم الاتصالات: focus on the customer’s needs—
If you encounter any issues regarding #telecom_services, raise a complaint with your service provider and if your complaint is not resolved or you are not satisfied with the resolution, you can raise a complaint with #CRAQatar.

NIXI is vigorously expanding its IX network across the subcontinent—
Now Salem, Tamil Nadu has its own internet exchange. Come and be a part of this expanding network.
For more information, visit www.ix.nixi.in
Our Tariff Policy: https://ix.nixi.in/en/routing-and-tarrif-policy
#Salem #TamilNadu #India #NationalInternetExchangeofIndia #Internet #Technology #ISPs #InternetInfrastructure #NIXI #IXP #Node #Live #InternetExchangePoint

A message from Gransy:
Power of Influencer Marketing for Gen Z and How to Leverage .cyou Domains for Success link

We welcome the new Domain Names Commissioner in New Zealand: https://dnc.org.nz/…/new-domain-name-commissioner…/

In the lead-up to #APTLD84, let’s move to the beautiful island of Sri Lanka to meet the LK Domain Registry.
The .LK domain was first assigned in 1990 to Gihan Dias. He initially held the position of Domain Registrar of the .LK Domain Registry and later be-came its CEO. From 1992, it was operated by Dr. Dias at the Department of Computer Science & Engineering of the University.
However, as the Internet began to grow in Sri Lanka and across the world, Dr. Dias requested the Computer and Information Technology Council (CINTEC) to assume policy and financial responsibilities for the .LK Domain. This was in 1996, and operational activities continued to be handled by Dr. Dias, from the Computer Science & Engineering Department of Moratuwa University.
CINTEC closed down after the passing of the ICT Agency (ICTA) act in mid-2003. The newly formed ICTA declined to take over the responsibilities of CINTEC in registering Internet domain names, and recommended that an independent body, with representation from ICTA, TRC and other relevant stakeholders, be formed to carry out domain registrations in .LK.
This resulted in the incorporation of LK Domain Registry as a Company Lim-ited by Guarantee on 5th March 2004. Since there was no immediate need for separate business premises, the University of Moratuwa continued facili-tating the operations of the Registry, with permission granted by its Vice Chancellor.
New Premises
In 2010, the University of Moratuwa needed the space occupied by the Reg-istry for other activities. On 11th January 2011, the Registry moved into new business premises in Moratuwa, and subsequently in Kohuwala.
The Board
For purposes of transparency and good governance, and the need for gov-ernment to be involved in internet policy, the Board of Management of the LK Domain Registry has always included relevant stakeholders.
As a company limited by guarantee, no profits are paid to shareholders, and any surplus funds are used for the development of the Internet.
The LK Domain Registry continues to provide an efficient and reliable do-main registration service, which is its primary function. At the same time, the registry supports Internet development, and works towards the overall im-provement of the Internet in Sri Lanka.
Corporate Social Responsibility
The Registry has contributed to building a society that is technology savvy, able to use tools to increase productivity, and encouraged the future genera-tion to be innovators who would become positive contributors to society. The company has initiated a number of corporate social responsibility projects such as ‘Hithawathi’ and BestWeb.lk, which help to build responsible digital citizens. Training & awareness programs on the advantages and the proper use of the internet are conducted directly by the Registry as well as in collaboration with the Ministry of Education and other organisations.
The LK Domain Registry will continue to ensure that domain registrations are conducted in a professional manner. It will develop the internet, capturing new industry trends, and facilitating its effective use by our citizens.
Interesting facts:
The .LK operates under the auspices of of the University of Moratuwa, making it one of the three university-based registries (the other two being .FJ and .PG) at APTLD.
From the very onset, the advancement of .LK is spearheaded by Prof. @Gihan Dias, who is one of the two longest-serving CEOs in the community and one of the two active Founding Fathers of APTLD.

Happening now at the #MEDNS Forum:, the APTLD Members from Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, and UAE discuss ccTLDs’ role in the digital transformation era. picture

Many thanks to the APTLD Members that cast their vote to make sure that the ccPDP3-review mechanism has gathered the required support and made to the next stage to eventually become a policy document!

Dear APTLD Members, do not miss a chance to register for the 4th ICANN APAC-TWNIC Engagement Forum which will take place from 23 – 24 May 2023 in Taipei. This hybrid Forum is co-hosted by ICANN and TWNIC and will be held in conjunction with the 39th TWNIC IP Open Policy Meeting.
Some key sessions/topics that will be featured at the Forum are:
Tuesday, 23 May
High-Level Opening Panel Discussion: Maintaining an Interoperable Internet – Challenges and Opportunities – The session will touch on pertinent and timely topics such as the “Splinternet”. Featured speakers include Josh Kallmer, Head of Global Public Policy and Government Relations at Zoom Video Communications, Nicole Chan, Former Chairperson of the National Communications Commission Taiwan, and May-Ann Lim, Director of Fair Tech Institute at Access Partnership.
Wednesday, 24 May
Plenary 3: Domain Name – Discussion on recent and upcoming domain name industry trends, including updates and next steps for the next round of new gTLD applications.
Plenary 4: Security – Sharing by speakers on ongoing community collaborations to mitigate the rise of domain name abuse activities.
Other topics of interest – Internet access restriction (Plenary 5: TWIGF) and youth engagement in Internet governance (Plenary 6: TWSIG).
More information and registration can be found on the event website: link

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Call for Expressions of Interest: 2024 ICANN NomCom Chair and Chair-Elect

ICANN Seeks Input on Proposed PTI Bylaws Amendments and Hosts a Webinar

ICANN Publishes FY23 Q3 Unaudited Financial Results

ICANN77 Prep Week Schedule Now Available

ICANN Publishes U.S. Tax Returns for Fiscal Year Ending 30 June 2022

ICANN Publishes U.S. Tax Returns for Fiscal Year Ending 30 June 2022

ICANN Publishes Proposed Amendments to the ISPCP Constituency Charter

Sessions Deadline Extended!

DRAFT Agenda – ccNSO Council Meeting – 18 May 2023

April Council Minutes

The ccNSO membership supports the ccNSO Council’s recommendation to adopt the proposed review mechanism policy for ccTLDs

Current ICANN Public Consultations

(Open Proceedings)
Proposed Renewal of the Registry Agreement for .NET

Bylaws Amendments and Documents to Implement the NomCom2 Review

Phase 1 Initial Report on the Internationalized Domain Names EPDP

ISPCP Constituency Charter Amendments

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(Pending Reports)
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