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Working Groups

Working Groups are a pivotal vehicle for APTLD Membership to develop policies, review the Association’s operation, and address ongoing and future matters of the community’s concern. Members volunteer to WGs to help APTLD stay on course for the benefit of its diverse community.
APTLD Reincorporation Members Working Group (ARMWG)
The objective of the ARMWG is to develop a new APTLD Constitution and other documents to be prepared in accordance with the law of Singapore.
Members’ representatives volunteered:
Mr. Rajiv Kumar, .IN (WG Chair)
Mr. Andrew Molivurae, .VU
Mr. Askhat Gimranov, .UZ
Mr. Atsushi Endo, .JP
Ms. Cherry Lam, .HK
Mr. Erhan Karabardak, .PG
Ms. Mai Thu Thuy, .VN
Mr. Stephen Deerhake, .AS
Ms. Sveta Huan Shen, .CN
Mr. Volker Greimann, CentralNic
Terms of Reference:
Members Meeting Program Standing Committee (MPSC)
The objective of the MPSC is to design and coordinate upcoming Members Meeting agenda and guide, and to assist the GM and the Secretariat in their implementation.
Members’ representatives volunteered:
Mr. Anil Kumar Jain (.IN, Ordinary Member)
Mr. Imrah Hossen (EyHost, Associate Member)
Mr. Jiankang Yao (.CN, Ordinary Member)
Mr. Russell Deka Harada (.PG, Ordinary Member)
Mr. Steph Viljoen (.AU, Ordinary Member)
Mr. Thaniya Wongsuanoom (.TH, Ordinary Member)
Terms of Reference:
Working Group on the Development of the APTLD Strategic Plan for 2022-2024 (DSPWG-2)
As the APTLD Strategic Plan for 2019-2021 is going to end by December 2021, the APTLD Board resolved to establish a second Working Group to develop a draft Strategic Plan for 2022-2024 (DSPWG-2) to ensure that APTLD’s annual business plans are aligned to a medium term strategy to support the best possible outcomes for the Membership.
Members’ representatives volunteered:
Mr. Anil Kumar JAIN, .IN (Chair)
Mr. Alireza SALEH, .IR
Ms. Lianna GALSTYAN, .AM
Ms. Madison WANG, .CN
Mr. Tony SA'AGA, .WS
Ms. NGUYEN Thu Thuy, .VN, and
Mr. Leonid Todorov, GM APTLD (ex-officio)
Terms of Reference:
WG Closed
Working Group on DNS Server Sharing (WGDSS)
Proposed by KISA, WGSS will be exploring a possibility for promoting a better DNS governance environment in the Asia Pacific region through a close collaboration between APTLD Members to ensure tangible benefits for the regional community and greater accessibility and resilience of the DNS infrastructure.
Members’ representatives volunteered:
Mr. Shi Young Chang, .KR (Chair)
Mr. Akash Agarwal, .IN (Vice Chair)
Mr. Saif Al-Mashhadi , .IQ
Mr. Jeff Bedser, iThreat
Mr. Rishab Dhaniya, .IN
Mr. Gihan Dias, .LK
Mr. HE Zheng, .CN
Mr. Igor Mkrtymyan, .AM
Ms. NGUYEN Thu Thuy, .VN
Mr. NGUYEN Truong Thanh, .VN
Mr. Nguyen Van Tri, .VN
Mr. Shinta Sato, JP
Ms. TRUONG Khanh Huyen, .VN
Mr. Jiankang YAO, .CN
Mr. Miguel Alktun, Netnod (observer)
WG Closed
Board Working Group on Members Meeting Program
A standing committee tasked to assist General Manager in shaping APTLD Members Meetings.
Committee Members:
Mr. Gihan Dias (.LK), Chair
Ms. Ai-chin Lu (.TW)
Mr. Brent Carey (.NZ)
Mr. Yudho Giri Sucahyo (.ID)
Secretariat Performance Review Working Group (SPRWG)
A Members Working Group to review the APTLD staff's performance in terms of transparency and accountability.
Members’ representatives volunteered:
Ms. Ann Ibrahim, .NZ (Chair)
Mr. Eldar Ishimbaev, .UZ
Mr. Saif Ahmed Al-Mashhadi, .IQ
Mr. Shubham Saran, .IN
Ms. Yuri Takamatsu, .JP
Terms of Reference:
WG Closed
Transparency and Accountability Framework Development Working Group (TAFDWG)
Pursuant to the requirement to adopt a Transparency and Accountability Framework in APTLD Strategic Plan for 2019-2021.
Members’ representatives volunteered:
Ms. Ahlam.M.Abu-Jadallah, .JO
Mr. Andrew Molivurae, .VU
Mr. Brent Carey, .NZ
Ms. Desiree Miloshevic, Afilias
Mr. Yudho Giri Sucahyo, .ID
Terms of Reference:
WG Closed
Development of Strategic Plan Working Group (DSPWG)
A Members' Working Group on the Development of the APTLD Strategic Plan for 2019-2021.
Members’ representatives volunteered:
Mr. Stephen Deerhake, .AS (Chair)
Ms. Aisha Al-Mamari, .OM
Mr. Brent Carey, .NZ
Mr. Gihan Dias, .LK
Mr. Le Nam Trung, .VN
Mr. Nigel Phair, .AU
Mr. Sergo Karakozov, IDN ccTLD Georgia
Mr. Wilson Wong, .HK
Terms of Reference:
WG Closed
WG on Geographic Diversity and Representation on the Board (GDRWG)
The GDRWG was created pursuant to the APTLD Board’s resolution and in response to the APTLD members’ concerns about a proper geographic diversity representation within the Board. The objective of GDRWG is to provide recommendations to the APTLD Board to implement geographic diversity within the Board composition to ensure the smooth running of the Board and the APTLD as an organisation at large.
Members of the Working Group:
Hasnul Hasan, .MY (Chair)
Keith Davidson, .NZ
Ning Kong, .CN
Terms of Reference:
WG Closed
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