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APTLD Newsletter (3 July 2023)

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Recent Updates:

■ Next APTLD Meeting: APTLD84 Members Meeting, South Korea Seoul, 18-20 September, 2023
¶  Meeting Website         ¶ Online Registration         ¶  Agenda(30 June)

Members News

(.AU auDA)
Uluru Statement from the Heart

 (.SB Our Telekom)
Our Telekom On Track With Preparations For PG23

SGNIC-Q-23005: Invitation To Quote (ITQ) for IT Policy and Standards Development

Notice of Amendments to the Domain Name Registration Agreement

(.NZ internetnz)
The hidden value of a name

Podcast: domain name disputes

Qatar Hosts the First Meeting of the Temporary Working Group to Study Data Flow and Peering between the GCC States

Qatar Hosts the 22nd Meeting of the GCC Roaming Working Group

Community Consumer Champions Handbook

Afnic rewarded for its new .fr registry system

Albert Toneyan, Vice President of the ISOC Armenia NGO, became an independent member of the Board of Directors of Team Telecom Armeni

2022 DENIC Domain Statistics

(identity digital)
Anti-Abuse Report 2023 Q1

(.ME  DoMEn)
Storytelling And Branding: How To Set Apart Your Brand With Stories

Gamechanger In Recruitment: Gyfted – The Ultimate Recruiting Assistant

(.MX  Registry.MX)
Key differences between .com and .mx domains: Which one is right for your Mexican business?

Trends and best practices in web design to capture the attention of your customers.


(WhoisXML API)
Alleviating the Risks .zip and Similar Domain Extensions Could Pose via DNS Intelligence


The missing link: geographic indications and their absence in domain names

EuroDIG 2023: shaping the internet ecosystem for tomorrow

ICANN77: DNS abuse measuring, mitigation and the way forward

Access to domain name registration data: new developments during ICANN77

Event Wrap: CommunicAsia 2023

Event Wrap: IPv6 Community Event

Delegated domain verification

Event Wrap: btNOG 10

Privacy and networking: Part 6 — Essential questions for privacy best practices

Happy 50th birthday, Ethernet
Whose certificate is it anyway?

State of DNS rebinding in 2023

Event Wrap: 35th Annual FIRST Conference

Domain verification using DNS

A further update on IPv6 extension headers

Event Wrap: PITA 27th AGM & Business Forum Expo 23

Testing the Multi-Signer DNSSEC model in BIND 9

[Podcast] Measuring how the IETF performs at producing documents

Enabling IPv6 support for IPv4-only apps on Linux

Event Wrap: 4th ICANN APAC-TWNIC Engagement Forum and 39th TWNIC OPM

In memory of Salanieta Tamanikaiwaimaro

Amid Global Rise in Internet Shutdowns, Internet Society Launches ‘NetLoss’ Calculator to Measure Economic Impact

Internet Society Announces Global Partnership with Meta to Grow the Internet and Strengthen Local Ecosystems

The future of AI and the arts to be showcased at AI for Good Global Summit

Global summit on AI takes action to ensure artificial intelligence benefits humanity

2023 List of Accepted Sessions

IGF 2024 MAG Nominations

ITU Journal shares new research on network orchestration and security

Green Digital Action at COP28: Business partnerships for a sustainable future

A critical moment for global AI governance

For the responsible and inclusive development of AI now

Preparing women as policy-makers and cyber-diplomats

Protecting seafarers and safeguarding the marine environment

Submit your digital innovations for people, planet, prosperity and peace

The BeiDou Navigation Satellite System and the UTC leap second

France’s Proposed Web Blocking Law: A Threat to Internet Freedom, Warns Mozilla Foundation

Quantifying Internet Shutdowns: ISOC Introduces the NetLoss Calculator

Ransomware Attacks on US Hospitals Trigger Significant Ripple Effects on Neighboring Facilities

Unsolicited Smartwatches Bearing Malware Target U.S. Service Members: Army CID Raises Alarm

White House Announces Historic $42 Billion Investment in Nationwide Broadband Access

Scientists Transmit Terabits Per Second Through Air, May Replace Undersea Cables

Satellite Security Showdown: DEFCON’s Hack-A-Sat Competition Highlights the Rising Stakes of Space-Based Cybersecurity

Satellite Spectrum Showdown: Musk’s Starlink vs. Ambani’s Reliance Jio in the Race for India’s Broadband Future

SpaceX and Indonesia Launch SATRIA-1 Satellite: A $540 Million Leap Towards Comprehensive Internet Connectivity

o.com auction likely a damp squib after Overstock rebrand

ICANN actually CHANGES Verisign’s .net contract after public comments

GoDaddy takes over .health

The looooong road to urgently hiring ICANN’s next CEO

Rwanda picked for ICANN meeting

Governments call for ban on gTLD auctions

Social Media

In the lead-up to #APTLD84, let’s pay a pilgrimage to one of the most revered and, unfortunately, controversial and least peaceful spots on the planet…yeah, that’s Palestine, to see how the .PS ccTLD registry is doing.
.PS. is managed  by the Palestinian National Internet Naming Authority (PNINA) i. Through PNINA, everyone can register one’sdomain directly under the .PS domain or under one of its second level domain such as .com.ps, .org.ps and .net.ps. PNINA’s implementation plan was initiated in early 2003. PNINA’s role is to realize the Palestinian on-line presence through the formulation of registration policies, administer the .PS domain Registry, and to enhance and promote Internet usage in Palestine.
The Palestinian Council of Ministers in his 50th meeting, held on 8/11/2004, approved the reformation of PNINA Board of Directors based on the decree issued by Minister of Telecommunications and Information Technology.
The PNINA Board of Directors  appears the perfect multistakeholder-based establishment as it is made up of representatives from the Public, Private, Academic, and Legal sectors and institutions interested in advancing Internet usage in Palestine. PNINA endeavors to establish meaningful partnerships between these diverse Palestinian sectors in administering and managing the national Internet enterprise.
PNINA’s Mission Statement holds that it is there  to be as a non-governmental self-regulatory body for managing the Palestinian ccTLDs by maintaining and promoting the operational and financial stability, and the utilisation of those national resources to the best interest of the Palestinian people.
Its Vision is to elevate the Palestinian ccTLds to be the primary digital identity for Palestinian business, organizations and individuals and promote their utilisation regionally and internationally.
PNINA Goals are:
Defining the rules and procedures for registering domain names under the .ps directly or under the second level domains such as com.psedu.psorg.ps and sch.ps.
Developing the contracts with the registrars and an eventual procedure for their accreditation.
Defining instruments to ease the solution of disputes and limiting the cases that go to court.
Maintaining contact with the international organizations to conform to international best practices.
Maintain the .ps registry database of the domain names in a secure and reliable way.
Make available the information on the registered names (WHOIS service) in accordance with the norms adopted for privacy protection.
Manage all contracts, billing, and administrative matters of the registry.
We at APTLD were very happy to welcome PNINA representatives at our recent Meetings held in Middle East, and Dr. Marwan Radwan, PNINA’s General Manager, has been very keen to give a new impetus to the engagement.

Which Digital India Day without National Internet Exchange of India?
Driving India’s digital mission with better digital infrastructure, robust digital delivery of services and increased digital literacy. This #DigitalIndiaDay let’s work towards its motto, “Power to Empower”.

The Telecommunications and Digital Government Regulatory Authority (TDRA): putting things in house in order—
Know more about telecom equipment registering in the ⁦‪#UAE

PNG Department of Information and Communications Technology: going to the field, talking to people as a part of Media Development Policy Survey—
Engaging the Nation in Policy Making – Media Development Policy Survey Regional Consultation
The PNG Department of Information and Communications Technology (DICT) is going through the final phase of the Media Development Policy Survey, which is the regional in-person interviews.
The survey was given a period of three weeks, with regional in-person interviews as the final leg of the feedback collating process.
Over the past three days, starting on Wednesday, June 28th, the DICT team conducted interviews in four provinces from each of the regions of PNG. The selected provinces were Alotau, Mount Hagen, Madang, and the Autonomous Region of Bougainville (AROB).
The purpose of these interviews was to gather feedback from individuals all over the country, different demographics, and collate their perspectives to enhance the media development policy for the overall improvement of the sector.
In Alotau, the team is currently in their third day of raising awareness about the National Media Development Policy Survey.
They have set up tents in the Main Market, engaging with the local community, answering questions related to the policy, and providing an opportunity for individuals to voice their opinions.
The DICT remains committed to ensuring that the media landscape of PNG reflects the needs and aspirations of the public. By actively involving citizens in the survey process, the department aims to shape policies that will foster a robust and inclusive media environment.
DICT Calls on all members of the Public to HAVE YOUR SAY!
Click on this Link: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/png_1

The King’s Gambit, surefire! —
World Chess announces 3-year partnership with it.com 𝐃𝐨𝐦𝐚𝐢𝐧𝐬 ♛

VietNam Internet Network Information Center – VNNIC successfully held its Internet Conference-2023 link

Universal Acceptance (UA) isn’t just an abstract concept. For organizations and individuals around the world, it is a reality. In this case study, learn how THNIC Foundation supports Thai culture online through #Email Address Internationalization (EAI) & acceptance of Thai Internationalized Domain Names (IDNs):
https://uasg.tech/…/uasg-013a-thai-network-information.../ #Internet4All #ICANN

We are saying good-bye to Tealofi Enosa, CEO of Teletok (.TK) and wishing him every success in his future endeavors and extending a warm welcome to Aloisio Ioanevaka as his interim successor.

Our warmest congrats to Ankhzaya Tseden of Datacom LLC | Датаком ХХК (.MN) and Norman Warput of TRBR Vanuatu (.VU) on winning the ICANN78 Fellowships. Well done, friends, and worth a beer in Hamburg!—
We’re pleased to announce the recipients of the #ICANN78 Fellowship Program! Forty applicants from over 36 countries will join us in Hamburg, Germany, 21-26 October for the #ICANN Annual General Meeting. See the full list of selected candidates here: https://go.icann.org/3NunQBX

LK Domain Registry is cooking up something interesting— link

Happy Eid al-Adha! picture

We are pleased to announce our 2023 Fellow to APIGA 2023: https://aptld.org/about/newsroom/18793/

In the lead-up to #APTLD84, today, let’s visit a hustle’n’bustle Manila to meet the dotPH.
dotPH is the Official Domain Registry of the Philippines. They are the center of the Philippine Internet Domain Name System. They have been involved in the Internet since 1989, five years before the Philippines was officially connected to the Internet backbone.
Dependability, reliability and innovation are hallmarks of the services they offer.
As the Official Domain Registry of the Philippines, dotPH is the center of the Philippine Internet Domain Name System.
Their servers are the lifeline of the Philippine domain system and have been running continuously — without a single outage — for over 22 years. Their clients rely on them to ensure their domain names are up and running at all times. Their system routinely handles over hundreds of thousands demands of queries a day. They maintain over 80 servers, complete with firewalls, anti-spam protection and security against Denial-of-Service and other attacks.
The PH domain namespace is well into its growth phase. Since the market is not yet saturated as opposed to gTLDS like .com,.net or .org, most individuals as well as businesses can register the domain of their choice. This is crucial for developing one’s brand and vital in creating one’s online presence.
Businesses are more and more recognizing the benefits of owning a PH domain over an ordinary .com domain. The biggest local corporations like Ayala, San Miguel Corp, PLDT, Globe Telecom, Jollibee Foods Corp to name a few have opted to theme .PH domains as part of their corporate identity and brand management. As an effect, most Filipinos believe that any local business with an online presence has to have a PH domain. Moreover, dotPH has domain registrants from over 75 countries, spanning from individuals to Fortune 500 companies, including Microsoft, IBM, Citibank, AOL-Time Warner, Nike, Philip Morris, Wal-Mart and many others. To know more about the benefits of owning a PH domain, the registry even launched a dedicated website at: https://www.why.ph/
While their primary role is to manage and maintain the integrity of the database, they are currently working with their Partner Registrars in marketing and promoting the PH domains as part of their efforts to develop and mature the PH domain namespace. They’re proud to have hundreds of Registrar-Partners from all over the world and have close relationships with the largest Internet providers in the Philippines.
Part of their commitment to their partners is their constant efforts to help them grow their business. As such, they are also offering registrar services such as Consolidate and Private Registration to help their partners expand the services they can offer to their clients. dotPH Consolidate is a service that allows them to designate a common renewal date for all domains owned by their clients, helping them manage their clients’ renewal habits. dotPH Private Registration is a service they can offer to their clients who wish to protect their identity and lessen the risk of receiving domain-related spam and other forms of privacy intrusions.
From the very onset the .PH has been led by @Joel Disini, a Silicon Valley boy and a n Internet pioneer, who in 1990 formed the Philippines’ first Internet Service Provider. In 1988, his product – the Netway 1000 SNA/Bisyn Gateway – was named MacUser Editor’s Choice for best Networking and Communications Product.
His credo is to make a distinction between having the “rights” and “responsibility”. “Rights is something you have when you charge $50 year per domain and register 2M domains and go public, which is what NSI did. Responsibility is when you charge P900 lifetime per domain, run at a loss for 7 years, and have to endure the slings and arrows of outrageous nameservers,”- reckons he.
Small wonder he was nominated as one of the 10 Internet’s 10 Most InfluentialFilipinos

National Internet Exchange of India: freeing mind and releasing natural vigor by practicing asanas on the International Yoga Day!—
Shri Anil Kumar Jain, CEO, NIXI along with other NIXI staff members began this beautiful day by practising yoga and recharging their mind, soul and body. Here are some glimpses of the 9th #InternationalDayofYoga Celebration.

PNG Department of Information and Communications Technology:  vox populi- vox dei! (people’s voice is the voice of the God)—
Have Your Say – Media Development Policy Survey
The Department of Information and Communications Technology (DICT) in Papua New Guinea (PNG) is actively seeking valuable feedback from the general public.
The survey will conclude next week, and the DICT encourages everyone to participate and #HaveYourSay.
Please take just 5 minutes of your time to contribute to the development of the media landscape of Papua New Guinea.
Scan the QR Code, or simply click on the following link now to access the survey: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/png_1
Have Your Say!

A new product for business from LK Domain Registrylink

HKIRC supports an important HR event in Hong Kong—
【Learn from Top Leaders in HKIHRM Annual Conference & Exhibition 2023】
Themed ‘The Rise of Talent in Hong Kong’, the Conference will offer you a stimulating and insightful discussion on the key people challenges and opportunities. You will also have the chance to connect with leading HR professionals, learn from the latest trends, and best practices in strategies for closing the talent gap.
Register now to enjoy the early bird discount until 7 July. Don’t miss one of the top-notch events for people management in the region! Registration & Details: http://www.hkihrm-ac2023.org/form.php
Check out the Sponsorship Package to get the high-profile exposures: www.bit.ly/3Mv784L
#HKIHRM #HR #AC2023 #FlagshipEvent

Warmest congrats to Indika Goonetilleke, a senior lead of the LK Domain Registry on a successful completion of an online course at Harvard – an opportunity open for free for ALL APTLD Members throuh the end of the year. Be like Indika, our poster boy, do no waste your chance – just contact the Secretariat for details and to choose among hundreds of classes to enroll already today.

Gransy contributes to Eurodig—
These days Gransy s.r.o. was participating in Annual EuroDIG – European Dialogue on Internet Governance which, was held at Tampere University, Finland. Gransy supported this meeting through active participation in preparation of agenda, shaping workshops and sessions, but also with active involvement on the stage, where our colleague Dušan Stojičević was in the role of moderator for the first session of the event. Among more than 200 participants, from around Europe, Gransy was participating as a member of the technical community, together with representatives of EUregistry, CENTR, Loopia. We exchange our opinions with a huge variety of participants: from governmental institutions (European commission, EU Parliament), academia, private companies, NGOs to the end users.
More information of the event on http://eurodig.org.

The life in uniform… Well, just for a short while—
What’s it like to participate in (and win!) the largest cyber defence exercise in the world? Find out in our interview with Netnod staff from the Locked Shields 2023 winning team.
Read the full interview here: https://www.netnod.se/…/whats-it-participate-and-win...

APTLD welcomes a new Member from Oceania! https://aptld.org/about/newsroom/18786/.

A new powerful instrument to counter prospective threats from Whois API, LLC
We are proud to launch the Early DGA Detection Feed, a predictive threat intelligence source that helps accelerate threat detection and response. The data feed gives you visibility into DGA domains as they get registered and before threat actors can activate them for various malicious activities.
Check out our Early DGA Detection Feed by downloading file samples here: https://threat-prediction.whoisxmlapi.com/early-dga…/...

Afnic is on a peacemaking mssion, for everyone—
Afnic opens a free mediation procedure starting July 3rd 2023 https://www.afnic.fr/…/the-fight-against-abuse-afnic…/

Many-forld reasons for registering a domain from the market record-breaker in the Middle East—
You should register your .ae domain name for the following reasons:

LK Domain Registry pledges permanent support to the nationwaide cybersecurity project for the youth—
Congratulations to Team Hithawathi for successfully completing the Hithawathi – TeensHub pilot project in Galewela Education Zone. LK Domain Registry will continue to support and contribute to creating a safer cyberspace for School Children in Sri Lanka.
Read more http://blog.hithawathi.lk/2023/06/blog-post.html

InternetNZ spreads awareness of its NZD1m-worh grant program: link

An interesting innvovative initiative from TRBR Vanuatu: link

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ICANN Announces Recipients of the ICANN78 Fellowship

ICANNN78 NextGen@ICANN Application Deadline Extended Through 30 June 2023

Updated: ICANN Africa Engagement Forum: Virtual and In-person Gathering in Ghana

Coalition for Digital Africa Expands Top-Level Domain Performance Monitoring

ICANN80 Policy Forum Location Announced

Join the Webinar – ICANN for Beginners: Universal Acceptance

ICANN77 Governmental Advisory Committee Communiqué Now Available


Current ICANN Public Consultations

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PTI / IANA Governance Proposal

Amendments to the Base gTLD RA and RAA to Modify DNS Abuse Contract Obligations

(Pending Reports)
IANA Naming Function Review Bylaws Changes

Bylaws Amendments and Documents to Implement the NomCom2 Review

Phase 1 Initial Report on the Internationalized Domain Names EPDP

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