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APTLD Newsletter (15 August 2023)

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Recent Updates:

■ Next APTLD Meeting: APTLD84 Members Meeting, South Korea Seoul, 18-20 September, 2023
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Members News

*(.AU auDA)
The Global Digital Compact: a better way than the Policy Brief Proposal

TDRA ANNOUNCES Successful completion of Phase II of advanced 5G trials (Project 5G-Advanced) in the 6 GHz band

TDRA Launches its Podcast “TDRA Podcast”

*(.BH TRA)
TRA and Operators Meet to Discuss Action Plan for Telecom Emergency Response

TRA champions online safety for children with new initiative

*(.LK LK Domain Registry)

*(.QA CRA)
CRA Publishes Results of the Quality of Service Audit of Mobile Networks 2022

SGNIC-Q-23010: Invitation To Quote (ITQ) for IT Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC) Platform

*(.NZ internetnz)
A champion of tech in the regions

Empowering job seekers with digital literacy

Grants announcement — Conference attendance awards

Flexible domain renewal period: safety and convenience for owners

VNNIC promoted the bilateral cooperation strategy with APNIC in the new stage

Dsegh’s library will also have new technology features

164 Armenian studies articles in 7 days

*(identity digital)
Understanding AI and the case for its regulation

Identity Digital Domain Trend Report: July 2023

*(IQ Global)
Q3 update – what we’ve been up to!

*(.ME  DoMEn)
Beyond Digital: Incorporating Offline Branding Strategies For Your Startup

Zayn Bhatti: Web Designer And Development Expert Of The Future

*(.MX  Registry.MX)
How to measure the success of my business?

What is a sales report and how to create one?

*(.RU Coordination Center For .RU/.РФ)
“Study the Internet” for Good

Your body’s doctor: Artificial intelligence in healthcare

Поддерживаю.РФ project hosts competition as part of CTF Summer School

First stage of Summer School on Internet Governance 2023 is over


*(WhoisXML API)
DNS Insights behind the JumpCloud Supply Chain Attack

AI Tool Popularity: An Opportunity for Launching Malicious Campaigns?

Signs of MuddyWater Developments Found in the DNS

DNS Revelations on Eevilcorp

Product and Feature Updates for Q1–Q2 2023


E-gov DNS: Is there enough redundancy?

Visiting the submarine cable connecting Andaman and Nicobar Islands

Large Language Models — the hardware connection

The Bangladesh and South Asia Internet landscape

APNIC celebrates 30 years

APNIC celebrates 30 years

Event Wrap: PhNOG 2023

Worldwide Rex

Distributing configuration and control of WiFiMon hardware probes


IEPG at IETF 117

[Podcast] Content vs carriage

bcrypt at 25: A retrospective on password security

Epik had worst month ever in April

Go.Compare now redirecting to the .com

Huge telco dumps gTLDs after rebrand

Rejected former director threatens to sue Nominet

IGF 2023 Schedule

Cybersecurity BPF Call on 22 June

Belgium: Aiming to be a green, inclusive digital champion

How the ITU Youth Fellowship inspired my career

Future of time: Synchronization of electric power networks

The impact of UTC on Industry 4.0

UN High-Level Political Forum: Digital takes centre stage

Belarus-Linked Hackers Target Diplomats, Likely With State Support

U.S. Schools Targeted in Ransomware Attacks: White House Responds

British Researchers Discover AI-Powered Technique That Can Extract Data Through Typing Sounds

GoDaddy Lists Controversial ‘.sucks’ Domain: Brands Advised to Bolster Monitoring

Widespread Cyberattack Paralyzes US Hospital Systems, Interrupting Critical Healthcare Services

ICANN Sets the Stage for Next Round of New Generic Top-Level Domains, Anticipates Q2 2026 Launch

Social Media
In the act of unheard of generosity, dotPH has made a unique offer– link

The best (website) day of the year ©by LK Domain Registry
An Extravaganza of Excellence!
BestWeb.LK 2023 Awards Night was held at the Monarch Imperial on August 9th.
Experience the Highlights: https://cloud.domains.lk/index.php/s/iFwyRMnScaWMyWZ

In the lead-up to #APTLD84, let’s go to the heart of the Central Asia, to one of the most ancient and breath-taking lands in Eurasia known as Uzbekistan and explore its ccTLD .UZ.
After the break-up of the USSR when Uzbekistan gained independence, .UZ was managed by a German internet provider which was allocating registrations for free, and the nation had been struggling hard to get it back. The attempt succeeded eventually, and Uzbekistan regained the right to manage .UZ in 2002.
The ccTLD administrator rights were assigned to Yagona integrator UZINFOCOM Единый интегратор, which was a public entity at the time. UZINFOCOM is a single integrator for creation and support of state information systems in the Republic of Uzbekistan. Established in 2002, by the Decree of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan, the State Unitary Enterprise Center for the Development and Implementation of Computer and Information Technologies UZINFOCOM under the Uzbek Agency for Communications and Informatization (UzACI).
Over time, UZINFOCOM was privatized and its functions expanded to encompass each and every aspect of the country’s ITC, e-government and digitalization policy development and implementation, of which the ccTLD and DNS management is an important feature.
After changing its legal status to LLC, UZINFOCOM has been superactive in leveraging the .UZ zone that tripled in size over the past decade and now accounts for over 100,000 registrations. The extensions under .UZ include:
.gov.uz State institutions of Uzbekistan.
.com.uz Commercial organizations.
.ac.uz Institutes, higher educational institutions, cultural institutions conducting scientific research.
.edu.uz Educational establishments.
.int.uz International organizations.
.net.uz Internet service providers.
.org.uz Non-profit organizations.
.pp.uz Individuals.
On April 29, 2020, the national domain UZ celebrated its 25th anniversary
On April 28, 2021,.UZINFOCOM signed DNSSEC for .UZ.
After joining APTLD back in September 2017, UZINFOCOM has become a very active contributor to APTLD and its representatives regularly take part in Members Meetings. Also, it should be noted that it was UZINFOCOM hosted the 20th anniversary of APTLD back in September 2018.

PNG Department of Information and Communications Technology promoting the robust Data Governnace in the country—
Data Governance and Data Protection Policy Validation Workshop Highlights Importance of Data in the Digital Age
In a compelling morning session, the Department of Information and Communications Technology (DICT) hosted a Validation Workshop on Data Governance and Data Protection Policy at the esteemed Hilton Hotel.
DICT Deputy Secretary Policy and Emerging Technology, Mr. Flierl Shongol, set the tone with his acknowledgments and opening remarks, emphasizing the increasing significance of data in the modern world. With the digital age propelling us forward, Deputy Shongol pondered the question, “Why is data important?”
“Data has evolved into an asset, becoming the fuel that drives digital government and development.” He went on to liken data to the “oil for development,” highlighting its pivotal role in shaping progress.
However, the Deputy Secretary also acknowledged that the challenge lies in coordination, and this responsibility rests upon those who govern data. “We must recognize that effective data coordination is essential for our modern society,” he remarked, signaling the need for a comprehensive approach to data governance.
DICT Manager Projects, and Master of Ceremony Mr. Jack Tomon echoed Deputy Shongol’s sentiments, reinforcing the notion that data is the driving force behind digital government.
Lillian Smith, the Manager for Data Governance, elucidated the policy’s intent, which revolves around four key pillars: Data Security and Privacy, Governance and Accountability, Support for Digital Transformation, and Alignment with international best practices and standards. She emphasized the policy’s overall objective which is to establish a secure, trustworthy, and well-regulated data ecosystem.
Mr. Jessy Sekere, DICT Manager for Monitoring and Evaluation, provided an in-depth overview of the policy’s focus areas, which include the Institutional Framework, Regulatory and Legislative aspects, Data Governance, Protection, Localization, Infrastructure, and Skill Development Enhancement (SDE). These pillars are crucial to ensure a comprehensive approach to data management.
For organizations dealing with demographic data or operating within the data landscape, an invitation was extended to attend the validation workshop via the provided Zoom link. This digital avenue allows for engagement and collaboration in the realm of data governance and protection.
The workshop is a vital step toward establishing a robust data ecosystem that safeguards privacy, ensures accountability, supports digital transformation, and aligns with global standards. With data emerging as a crucial driver of progress, this initiative signifies a concerted effort to shape a secure and innovative digital future.
[Zoom Details for the Validation Workshop:
Topic: Data Governance and Data Protection Policy Validation
Date and Time: August 8, 2023, 07:30 AM
Join Zoom Meeting: https://us06web.zoom.us/j/87880893997…
Meeting ID: 878 8089 3997
Passcode: 461357

The 2023 report on Digital UAE- The Telecommunications and Digital Government Regulatory Authority (TDRA) does not waste a moment to propel the nation to the future—
– Facts and Numbers – 2023’ report.
‏To view the report, visit #TDRA website www.tdra.gov.ae

Where is the superpower can be found? Afnic gives a clear and straight answer to the most challenging question, proved by its practice.—
As a non-profit organisation, Afnic builds on its association-based multi-stakeholder model on a daily basis to co-construct an Internet that benefits everyone.
To learn more https://www.afnic.fr/…/foster-dialogue-put-forward…/

The Telecommunications and Digital Government Regulatory Authority (TDRA) teams up with other GCC regulators to prepare for a major international ICT forum—
The #UAE, represented by Telecommunications and Digital Government Regulatory Authority- #TDRA
took part in the 5th meeting of the GCC team, held in #Riyadh, the Kingdom of #Saudi Arabia. The focus of this meeting was to prepare for the upcoming World #Radiocommunication Conference-2023 (WRC-23).
TDRA’s representation at the meeting included:
Eng. / Khaled Al Awadi
Eng. / Sultan Al Balushi
Eng. / Ahmed Ameen
Eng. / Abdullah Jabr

National Internet Exchange of India expands the family of its registrars—
NIXI is excited to announce the onboarding of @letswezbo to the .IN Registry family! It’s time to skyrocket your business today with .IN domain.
Visit registry.in/public/in-promo/ for more info.

Whois API, LLC keep suprising with new smart solutions to help counter malicious activities—

Our warmest congratulations to APNIC on its 30th anniversary and many thanks for the great job it keeps doing for the community!

We are most pleased to have GoDaddy Registry as a Headline Sponsor of APTLD84: link

In the lead-up to #APTLD84, we (virtually) find ourselves in the lovely island of Formosa, which is known as Taiwan, to explore TWNIC, its ccTLD registry.
The Taiwan Network Information Center (TWNIC) is a non-profit organization; it was officially funded by the Directorate General Telecommunications of the Ministry of Transportation and Communications, and the Computer Society, on December 29, 1999.
On September 22, 2017, the National Communications Commission has become the supervising authority of the TWNIC.
TWNIC provides the domain name registration service of .tw/.台灣, the IP address allocation service and operates the Taiwan Computer Emergency Response Team/Coordination Center (TWCERT/CC).
Established in 1994 as a 2 year-long experimental program, TWNIC has grown into a major player in the ICT shaping and implementation activities in Taiwan. The company has a number of committees and departments to run its diverse business, including:
Domain Name Committee
IP Address and Protocol Committee
International Affairs Committee
Network Security Committee
Department of Domain Name Service
Department of Internet Resource Service
Department of International Affairs and Public Relations
Department of Technology
Department of Administration
Department of Cyber Security
As far as domain names are concerned, since 1 March 2001, TWNIC has stopped allowing itself to sign up new domain names directly, instead allowing new registration through its contracted reseller registrars. As of May 2023, there are 17 registrars accredited under .TW
Registrations under .TW are possible in the second-level space or under various domains as third-level domains:
edu.tw: for educational and academic institutions
gov.tw: for agencies of the Government of the Republic of China, operated by Taiwan
mil.tw: for the Republic of China Armed Forces, operated by Taiwan
com.tw: for companies or firms (Taiwanese or foreign) registered under the laws of their country
net.tw: for network or telecommunications license holders
org.tw: for non-profit organizations (Taiwanese or foreign) established according to the laws of their country
idv.tw: for individuals (must verify their identity by e-mail)
game.tw: unrestricted (but registrant must verify their identity by email), intended for gaming-related content
ebiz.tw: unrestricted (but registrants must verify their identity by email), intended for online business-related content
club.tw: unrestricted (but registrant must verify their identity by email)
tw: unrestricted
Domain names in Chinese characters may also be registered at the second level. Furthermore, any registrant of a standard domain name who has chosen a domestic registrar may automatically get two more domain names in Chinese characters in the following second-level domains: 網路.tw, 組織.tw and 商業.tw. These second-level domains correspond to net.tworg.tw and com.tw, respectively.
With nearly 3m registrations, .TW is one of the industry leaders in Asia Pacific, TWNIC has greatly contributed to the internet community and industry in the region: TWNIC was the first APTLD Secretariat at the onset; presently, two its representatives are Board Chairs for two major regional organizations- APNIC and APTLD, with Ai-chin LU being the longest-serving APTLD Director to date.

A new cybersecurity course from National Internet Exchange of India— video

PNG Department of Information and Communications Technology is keen to promote equal opportunities to ensure universal access to digital services—
Female DTO wants more collaboration, support from DICT
A female digital transformation officer (dto) with the Hela Provincial Health Authority wants to see more awareness carried out in the provinces to educate provincial governments to align internal ICT plans with Digital Act 2022 and Digital Government Plan 2023-2027.
Ms Dora Dugube, Hela PHA’s ICT manager made these remarks after attending the Department of Information and Communications Technology’s Highlands Regional Awareness and Consultation workshop themed: ‘Be Informed, Be Aware”, conducted from 25-26 July, in Mt Hagen, Western Highlands Province.
For Ms Dugube and her team, who traveled by road all the way from Hela province just to attend the two days program, said it was an ‘eye-opener’ for her team which included HELA PHA chief executive officer, Dr James Kintwa.
Read more: https://www.ict.gov.pg/female-dto-wants-more…/

Amazon adds 14 new TLDs to its portfolio–link

We’re excited to find out (once again) that the number of registrations for #APTLD84 has surpassed the grand master mark of 100 and those are representatives of 35 economies from Asia Pacific, as well as Europe and the Americas. The countdown is on, and we are awaiting more names on the list to join us for the celebration of the 25th anniversary of APTLD.
Hurry up, Seoul is calling (and quickly running out of hotel rooms)! Members can register at: https://aptld84.kr/reg/ (registrations are pre-moderated).

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ICANN78 Community Childcare Grants Program Application Now Open

ICANN Seeks Input on a Specific ccTLD Related Review Mechanism Policy Proposal

Last Call: Nominations for ICANN’s Dr. Tarek Kamel Award for Capacity Building


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Amendments to the Base gTLD RA and RAA to Modify DNS Abuse Contract Obligations

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