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APTLD Newsletter (4 March 2024)

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APTLD Updates:

■ Next APTLD Meeting: APTLD86 Members Meeting, Da Nang Vietnam, 17-20 September, 2024
 Meeting Website         ¶ Online Registration         ¶ Agenda(coming soon)

Members News

TDRA Provides Generative AI on Government Portals Aligned with DLS 2.0

TDRA Launches the 7th Edition of UAE Hackathon

*(.AU auDA)
Building a world leading cyber security nation

IP Australia: Trade marks, business names and domain names

auDA’s statement to the UN Global Digital Compact consultations

*(.BH TRA)
Telecommunication Licence granted by the Telecommunications Regulatory Authority to Alliance Networks W.L.L

Public Announcement regarding the Migration Status of the Self Registry System (SRM) Infrastructure

Yuri Takamatsu of JPRS Reappointed to APTLD Board of Directors


*(.LK .LK Domain Registry)
Choosing a Domain That Grows With You

Quiz: Which Domain Best Fits Your Business Personality?

SEO Basics: How Domain Name Impacts Search Visibility

CMS Workshop at NSBM Green University

LK Domain Registry with IDB

Online Safety for Registries and Registrars:

*(.NZ InternetNZ)
Internet insights research out now

*(.QA CRA)
CRA Participates in Mobile World Congress 2024 in Barcelona

A Joint Effort in Capacity Building through IPv6 Training Initiative by CRA and RIPE NCC

*(.SB ourtelekom)
Our Telekom’s M-SELEN and SolBrew Forge ground breaking partnership to Revolutionize Payment Solutions in Solomon Islands

The administration of .UZ domain at APTLD85, new opportunities for the domain space

At the APTLD85 conference, the .am development process was introduced.

DENIC Once Again Proves Its Expertise As Competent Critical Infrastructure Operator

From Silent Observer to Active Player: Germany to Step Up its Global Digital Policy Engagement

Industry News Digest: February 2024

APTLD in Goa 2024

*(.ME  DoMEn)
Enable.me: Bright Financial Planning for a Bright Future

Entrepreneurs’ Guide to Mastering Online Networking

*(.MX Registry.MX)
The best image editing tools

*(WhoisXML API)
Premium DNS Database Coverage Increased by 578%

Tracing Ivanti Zero-Day Exploitation IoCs in the DNS

DNS Investigation: Is xDedic Truly Done for After Its Takedown?

DNS Deep Diving into Pig Butchering Scams

The New RisePro Version in the DNS Spotlight


CENTR publishes latest Global TLD Market Report

Why We Need Multistakeholder Internet Governance

Paul Wilson to finish his service as APNIC Director General

Crashing the party — vulnerabilities in RPKI RP software

China’s NXDOMAIN data: Part 3 — Differences across regions

China’s NXDOMAIN data: Part 2 — Prominent domain patterns from QAX recursive resolver

Event Wrap: OARC 42

Event Wrap: NANOG 90

DNS and UDP truncation

Welcome to APRICOT 2024

Event Wrap: APAN 57

2023 Annual Report now available

Event Wrap: 31st Convergence India Expo

GAC communiqués and community activity on DNS abuse

How broadcasting a major event affects Internet traffic from an IXP’s perspective

[Podcast] Taking the pulse of the Internet

Deep dive into China’s NXDOMAIN data

What’s the deal with Media Over QUIC?

KeyTrap algorithmic complexity attacks exploit fundamental design flaw in DNSSEC

ITU Secretary-General appoints inaugural Youth Advisory Board

Mobile industry commits over USD 9 billion more to ITU’s call for universal meaningful connectivity

DotAsia Members Adopt New Articles of Association

DotAsia Strategic Plan Development

Extended Deadline: Internet We Want

New ITU-led expert group on automated driving

Partner2Connect: Mobile industry answers call for connectivity

Why e& pledged to boost meaningful connectivity

The fintech boom is good: 3 reasons why

ITU Secretary-General appoints inaugural Youth Advisory Board

Mobile industry commits over USD 9 billion more to ITU’s call for universal meaningful connectivity

Social Media

TRA Bahrain are Formula 1 fans – picture

it.com is also in PR
Make sure to catch us at the ICANN Community Forum from March 2nd to 7th in San Juan, Puerto Rico!
Engage with industry leaders, attend informative sessions, and participate in discussions shaping the future of the Internet.
Don’t miss this opportunity to connect with it.com Domains and be part of the conversation.

National Internet Exchange of India ‘s family keeps growing—
NIXI is thrilled to announce the onboarding of RELEIF HOST SERVICES PRIVATE LIMITED to the .IN Registry family.
It’s time to grow your business with .IN domain.
Visit www.registry.in for more information.

If you are in S, do stop by- @CleanDNS will be happy to see you again
Stop by our booth at #ICANN79 this week in San Juan, Puerto Rico  We are thrilled to be a sponsor of #ICANN79 and look forward to discussing our affordable, actionable, streamlined approach to abuse management and mitigation of well-evidenced online harms. Be sure to say hello and set up a meeting or demo with our team!
Join us in Cleaning Up the Internet for Good.

Keen to know more about the host city of #APTLD86? Take a look at: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kCdwDyrOgY8

GoDaddy’s GlobalBlock supports blockchain names–https://domainincite.com/29594-godaddys-globalblock…

Meet Whois API, LLC at ICANN79 to stay in the know and protected!—
The WhoisXML API team is thrilled to announce our attendance at #ICANN79 Community Forum in San Juan, Puerto Rico from 02-07 March 2024.
Our experts, Ed Gibbs and Ching Chiao are eager to show you how domain, WHOIS, DNS & IP Intelligence can enhance your cyber security insights and improve your strategies. We invite you to connect with us and join the dialogue to foster collaboration and address crucial issues in the online space.
Also on 5th March, don’t miss out on the session where Ed Gibbs will talk about how utilizing domain, IP, and DNS intelligence resources aids global cyber investigators in resolving actual criminal cases by sifting through extensive data sets and uncovering concealed connections.
Let’s make a positive impact together!

How to choose the right domain name? Ask dotPH —
Elevate your online brand with the perfect domain! 🌐✨
Explore these expert tips for choosing a memorable and influential domain name. Secure your .ph domain now and make your mark in the digital world. 🚀
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EyHost Ltd. boosts up it visibility within the ICANN community—
The EyHost Team is delighted to be a part of ICANN79 in Puerto Rico. Let’s meet up and discuss the future of online connectivity. To schedule a meeting, please message us or email sales[@]eyhost.biz .
Available dates: March 2nd-7th, 2024
Location: Puerto Rico Convention Center, San Juan, Puerto Rico

A small picture collection about APTLD – link

#APTLD85: celebrating our diversity: – link
Some listened – link link
Some talked – link

Do you want to know how #APTLD85 looked like? Check out the highlights here: video

Missed #APTLD85? No prob- here is the recap on it: link

Congrats to our new Board Officers!https://aptld.org/about/newsroom/19097/

….because dotPH cares for you—
Don’t let your domain be a target!
Understanding the Risks When Your Domain Expires is crucial in the online world. Check out this insightful article and take proactive steps to safeguard your online presence.

nic.at that has recently joined APTLD as an Associate Member, is hosting the German-language DomainPulse in Vienna and Richard Wein, its CEO, sets the narrative for a panel discussion— picture

It was a privilege to have the Hon. Sushil Pal, Joint Secretary of the Ministry of Electronics & Information technology of India, speak at #APTLD85— picture
NIXI:Shri Sushil Pal, Joint Secretary, Ministry of Electronics & Information Technology, Government of India, Govt. Of India lays the ground for GAC discussions at ICANN by discussing the Importance of DNS Abuse Mitigation, WhoIS Data access and DNSSEC to make internet safe for all. “Its time that there are certain rules laid out & mandated so that the users of internet feel safe and secure to use the internet”

Gransy team in Vienna — picture

National Internet Exchange of India: because there is no time to rest on laurels after the most successful #APTLD85 – AI is calling—
NIXI: Exciting news! Our CEO, dr.deveshtyagi, ceonixi, will be the keynote speaker for Technical Session 1 at the National Conference on AI: Legal Implications & Challenges, discussing the profound impact of AI on legal processes.

Happening now at #APTLD85: yet another interactive session – this time about putting the Internet for All statement-ended in great actionable points for APTLD to follow–picture

Happening now at #APTLD85: a pilucy consultation for. NP is a great chance for one to do stretching and apply collective wisdom to suggest transformational ideas to the Nepalese stakeholders represented by Sanjib Raj Bhandari, the founder of the .NP registry, Mr. Pabitra Dangol, a government rep, Suraj Singh Adhikari, a businees community envoy, and Shreedep Rayamajhi, a civil society activist. Team work always pays off, surefire! — pictures

Thank you, it.com for highlighting our Meeting in your posts, and thanks for having your representative with us!—
As 85 APTLD unfolds, let’s not forget that Goa is more than just sun, sea, and sand—it’s a hub for invaluable interactions with experts from @itcomdomains.
Dive into our session on premium domains for ccTLDs and feel free to ask our adviser, Munir Badr, any questions you might have.–picture

Dear@CleanDNS, you have certainly added flavor (and a VERY special one;))) and spiced up and brightened the to our Meeting, so thank you for that!—
The CleanDNS team is having a great time at #APTLD85 in Goa, India this week, leading a day of discussion on online harm management, DNS Abuse mitigation and disruption, and more! Connect with us or visit CleanDNS.com to learn more about our mission of cleaning up the internet for good. — pictures

National Internet Exchange of India: because Yoga matters….
Started the day right as #APTLD85 in Goa unfolds with a refreshing morning yoga session, paving the way for domain industry insights. NIXI and #APTLD extend a warm welcome at Hilton Resort, Candolim, as we embark on a 4-day journey of knowledge and collaboration.-picture

At the end of the day, it is all about transparency and trust ((c) National Internet Exchange of India)—
NIXI: Dr. Devesh Tyagi, CEO NIXI, in the opening session at #APTLD85 , talks about the emphasis of transparency at .IN Registry. “We care about the security & trust of .IN Domain.With ever evolving processes & collaboration with diff.stakeholders,the trust on .IN domain has increased” —picture

dotPH unleashes the marketing potential beyond the social media—
Unlock the full potential beyond social media!
While social media is a great way to connect with your audience, having your own dedicated website gives you more control and offers unique benefits.
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Visit https://www.dot.ph/web-design-service now!

PANDI holds an ICANN79 prep week—
Let’s join us at ICANN 79 Community Forum | Preparation Week
Internationalized Domain Name (IDN) Updates
Generation Panel Speakers:
1. Cokorda Rai Adi Pramartha, Ph.D – (Balinese GP, Udayana University)
2. Prof. Yudho Giri Sucahyo – (Balinese GP, PANDI)
3. AminathNaail Abdul Rahman (Thaana GP)
4. Louis Houle (Inuktitut Language GP)
1. Sarmad Hussain (Senior Director IDN and UA Programs – ICANN Org)
2. Pitinan Kooarmornpatana (IDN Program Senior Manager – ICANN Org)
Wednesday, 21 February 2024
15.00-16.00 UTC | 22.00-23.00 WIB
Registration at icann.org

Check out InternetNZ‘s nationwide survey data—
Exciting news in research!
The results from our latest 2023 findings reveal New Zealanders’ habits and opinions around the Internet, including:
What’s concerning us about the online world
How often we’re using the internet and social media
How much we’re working from home and whether it’s making our lives better or worse
Visit our website to view all of the results: https://internetnz.nz/…/new-zealands-internet-insights…/

Happening now at #APTLD85:speaking with his GAC Member hat on, the Hon. Suship Pal, Joint Secretary of the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology, highilighted the role og governments in shaping policies at ICANN.–picture

Happening now at #APTLD85: tge opening session featured welcoming addresses from the Hon. S. Krishnan, Secretary of the Ministry of Electronic and IT, Ai-chin Lu, the Board Chair, and Dr. Devesh Thyagi, National Internet Exchange of India‘s CEO (on photo), and the 100+-strong audience warmly welcomed their insights–picture

Happenning now at #APTLD85: a security and resiluence session for registry and registrars is delivered by the LK Domain Registry team– pictures

Happenning now at #APTLD85: run in 2 tracks for the first time ever by Регистар националног Интернет домена Србије – РНИДС and CleanDNS respectively, the training day’s focus is on markering and safety for kids —pictures

Happenning now at #APTLD85: while in India, be like an Indian, so starting the Training Day with a yoga class delivered by a local yoga guru is a unique chance not to be missed — video

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IFR2 Team Starts Review of Key ICANN Function

ICANN to Generate New DNS Cryptographic Key at April 2024 Ceremony

ICANN Seeks Input on Proposed Amendment to Article 4 of the Bylaws

Phase 2 Officially Opens: Expansion of ICANN Managed Root Server Singles in Africa

ICANN Invites Applications for Asia Pacific Internet Governance Academy 2024

ICANN Publishes Registration Data Policy

ICANN for Beginners: Join the Policy and Advice Development Webinar

ICANN Publishes Fiscal Year 2024 Second Quarter Management Financial Results

Middle East DNS Forum 2024: Shaping the Future of Digital Infrastructure

TechDay at ICANN79 agenda

Final Report ccNSO PDP4 (de-)selection of IDNccTLDs

update ccNSO membership

Current ICANN Public Consultations

(Open Proceedings)
Phase 1 Final Report of the EPDP on Internationalized Domain Names

Proposed Language for Draft Sections of the Next Round Applicant Guidebook

Proposed Top-Level Domain String for Private Use

String Similarity Review Guidelines

Review of the Draft Applicant Support Program (ASP) Handbook – New gTLD Program

Proposed Bylaws Updates to Limit Access to Accountability Mechanisms

(Pending Reports)
Draft Final Report of the 2023 Africa Domain Name Industry Study

Draft PTI FY25 Operating Plan and Budget

Draft NCAP Study 2 Report and Responses to Questions Regarding Name Collisions

Draft ICANN FY25 Plans

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