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APTLD Held a Groundbreaking How-To Webinar

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13 April 2020

APTLD has successfully completed a groundbreaking webinar on “How to set up a Security Operations Center”. 

The How-To series of webinars was launched in response to Members’ requests for online information and expertise sharing in the COVID-19 affected world.
Committed to the principle of close collaboration between Regional Organizations, APTLD has opened the webinar for AFTLD, CENTR and LACTLD memberships.
Delivered by Nordic experts Messrs. Arne Øslebø, senior security analyst/engineer Uninett CERT and task co-leader at GÉANT GN4-3, and David Heed, product owner at SUNET C/SOC and task co-leader at GÉANT GN4-3 SOC-tools and architecture, the webinar got together APTLD and CENTR Members who were walked through fundamentals of and main steps in building a viable SOC and software/architecture solutions that allow one to optimize the cost/benefit ratio.
The webinar materials have been shared with the audience shortly after the event.
It is envisaged that such webinars will continue to be organized on APTLD Members’ requests for specific subjects of their prime concern.
APTLD would like to thank Uninett, SUNET and Mr. Patrick Falstrom and Netnod for their facilitation and assistance in arranging the webinar.
For more information on this and upcoming events please visit www.aptld.org or contact the Secretariat at: sec@aptld.org.

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