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A Week-Long Capacity Building Completed in Tashkent

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28 April 2019

A week-long capacity building exercise for .AF and .UZ has successfully completed in Tashkent, Uzbekistan.

Hosted by UZINFOCOM, the .UZ registry, the groundbreaking event got together the .AF and .UZ teams to get firsthand experience from prominent experts in such important areas as DNSSEC, IDNs, and Marketing.

Facilitated and sponsored by APTLD, the event was co-sponsored by APTLD Members Afilias, auDA, Gransy, .RU, .UZ, as well as AEServer and ICANN.

The classes were a mix of lectures, simulation, and coaching aiming at bolstering both the general expertise and develop specific skills in a broad array of competencies.

The training also coincided in time with the 24th anniversary of .UZ. It was supported by the Government of Uzbekistan and was highlighted by the local media.

A third capacity-building exercise since the beginning of the year, the Tashkent workshop has become yet another proof of APTLD’s unwavering commitment, in tandem with industry experts, to provide better services to the Membership.

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