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APTLD Monthly Update (1999.08)

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1999. 8. 1


APTLD News, Aug 1999


1. ICANN Meetings in Santiago, 1999.8.23-26

8.23 Monday Morning Informal APTLD Meeting(tentative)
Afternoon ccTLD Constituency Meeting
8.24 Tuesday Morning other Costituency Meetings
Afternoon DNSO General Assembly
8.25 Wednesday Full Day ICANN Open Meeting
8.26 Thursday Morning ICANN Board Meeting(open)
Afternoon DNSO Names Council Meeting(open)

see www.icann.org, www.dnso.org, and www.aptld.org for further information.

2. Election – DNSO Names Council Members from ccTLD Constituency

ccTLD Constituency is electing 3 Names Council members of ICANN DNSO now.

8.1 Candidate Statement
8.8 Vote Opens
8.15    Vote Closes

Patrick O’Brien is the only candidate from Asia-Pacific.
The complete list of the candidates are

Patrick O’Brien/nz
Rob Hall/ca
Dennis Jennings/ie
Patricio Pobleto/cl
Nigel Roberts
Antony Van Couvering/IATLD

3.  22 organizations from Asia joined  DNSO Non-Commercial Constituency
See the list in the aptld website later this week.

4. Election – DNSO Names Council Members from Non-Commercial Constituency

8.1 Nomination Begins
8.8-10 Vote for two seats
8.12-14 Vote for the third seats

5. APTLD Financial Status

The following organizations donated for APTLD activities;

.au Melbourne IT $5,000
.jp JPNIC $10,000
.kr KRIA $5,000
.kr KRNIC $4,500

Hope more organizations to donate to make the total of $40,000 or more.

6. Address Support Organization(ASO)

3 RIRs(APNIC, ARIN, RIPE) submitted ASO application to ICANN, and
will have the first General Assembly(Open Forum) during the next ICANN
Meeting in Santiago on August 24.

See www.apnic.net/news/icann for further information.

7. Protocol Support Organization(PSO)

PSO held the first General Assembly during Oslo IETF Meeting in July.
See www.ietf.org/ids.by.wg/poisson.html forfurther information.

8. APTLD Mailing Lists

APTLD mailing lists have been revised, and the new version is shown
in the website.  We created new mailing lists such as

to promote discussion in aptld community.

individual to join aptld.

Remark: you may also consider to join General Assembly of ICANN DNSO,
ga@dnso.org through majordomo.  See www.dnso.org for further
information. you may also join various DNSO working groups and
committees through General Assembly.

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