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APTLD Monthly Update (1999.09)

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1. ccTLD Constituency Election of Names Council Members

The election took place with 90 ccTLDs participated out of 240.  The following
persons were elected;

Dennis Jennings .ie
Patricio Pobleto .cl
Nigel Roberts .gc

2. NCDNHC Constituency Election of Names Council Members

The election took place, and the following persons were elected;

Youn Jung(YJ) Park APNG
Kathryn Kleiman ACM-IGC
Raul Echeberria ENRED

3. ICANN Santiago Meeting in 1999.8.23-26

The meeting was held, and its output can be found in www.icann.org as well as
www.dnso.org.  Some of the notable outputs are

ICANN Board meeting was held in open for the first time.
ASO was approved.  Other SOs were approved in the past.
WG-A Final Report on UDRP was approved.

4. ICANN Los Angeles Meeting Schedule

   1999.10.31 APTLD Meeting
   11.01-04 DNSO (Constituency, WG, General Assembly, Names Council)
   11.03-04 ICANN (Annual Meeting, Board Meeting)

   see www.icann.org, www.dnso.org, and www.aptld.org for further information.

5. Internet Seminar/Workshop Tour

APTLD and APIA are jointly organizing series of Internet Seminars among major
cities in Asia-Pacific with tentative schedule of

  1999.7 Kuala Lumpur 
  1999.9.22 Taipei
         9.24 Manila
         10.6 Seoul
         10.8 Beijing
         10.18 Bangkok
         10.20 Hong Kong
   (more later)

The topics to be covered are

Internet Governance 
Internet and Y2K

6. Future Meeting Schedule

   2000.2.14-18(?) AP* Meetings(APRICOT/APTLD/..) (asia)
        3.6-9 ICANN (africa)
7.13 APTLD Yokohama
7.14-17 ICANN Yokohama
11. APTLD, ICANN (usa)

7. Ad hoc APTLD Meeting during ICANN Santiago Meeting

Around 20 people participated the ad hoc APTLD Meeting in Santiago for
one hour.  One of the major issues we discussed is on the ccTLD Constituency
Charter regarding the geographical diversity.  The meeting unanimously agreed
to reinstate the geographical diversity clause in the charter as it is
required by the ICANN Bylaws.

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