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APTLD News, December 1998

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APTLD News, December 1998


1. 1999 Annual APTLD Meeting Program – Draft

Date:   1999.3.1-2
(May change due to potential schedule conflict with ICANN)
Place:  Singapore(with APRICOT Conference)

Part I: Joint Meeting on Multilingual Name and DNS (with APNG)
Chairs: Tan Tin Wee and Kuo-Wei Wu

Presentation on multilingual names such as Chinese, Japanese, and
Korean, followed coordination meeting of iDNS.
Mailing List: iname@aptld.org and idns@apng.org

Part II: APTLD Workshop
Chair:  Jim Higgins

(Topics to be decided soon.)
Mailing List: education@aptld.org

Part III:Country Report
Chair:  Toru Takahashi(possibly with Adam Peake)

Presentation of 6~10 countries on thier status of DNS
(au, cn, jp, kr, ni, nz, sg, th, tw,…)
Mailing List: member@aptld.org

Part IV: APTLD Member Meeting
Chair: Kilnam Chon

Draft agenda will be posted separately.

2. APTLD Annual Meeting – Draft Agenda

Date:   1999.3.2(half day)
Place:  APRICOT Conference Site in Singapore

(1) Introduction of participants
(2) Agenda approval
(3) Minutes approval
(4) Report of Part 1~3 of Singapore APTLD Meetings
Part 1  Joint Meeting on Multilingual Name and DNS(with APNG)
Part 2  APTLD Workshop
Part 3  APTLD Country Report
(5) Meeting Report
(6) Working Group Report
Survey(including 2LDs)
Developing Country Support
Funding Model
(7) Budget
(8) Incorporation of APTLD
(9) Executive Committee member election
(10) Secretariat arrangement
(11) Future Plan
(12) Future Meeting Schedule
(13) Any other business

Remark: Country report will be done in Part 3, separately from Annual APTLD Member Meeting. See Meeting Announcement for further information.

3. Summary report of Monterey DNSO Meeting

The second DNSO formulation consultation meeting was held in Monterey, Mexico in 1998.11.15-17.  This is the informal summary report of the meeting. See www.dnso.org for the meeting minutes.

(1) Around 40 people participated the meeting, similar to the first meeting in Bercelona in October 1998.  Participation from Asia-Pacific was very small. Some trademark organizations such as INTA and CASIE participated, but not ICC nor WIPO.  gTLD registries such as NSI/InterNIC did not participate this time either even though NSI participated the ad hoc meeting in Boston in the previous week.

(2) We had (rough) consensus on structure, representation and funding this time, and decided to proceed to submit the application to ICANN by the end of this year as recommendated by ICANN.  Others may be applying, too.

(3) DNSO structure and each constituency’s representation to Names Council are as follows;

Names Council as the executive committee of DNSO

5 Constituencies                                                 21
Registry                                                   3+3
Registrar                                                  3
Infrastructure and Connectivity Providers(ISP, Telco,..)     3
General Business(for- and non-profit)     3
Trademark                                               3
At Large(Other organizations and individuals)             3

Fair Hearing Panel(Option)

(4) We set up the following teams to carry on the future work for DNSO formulation.

Transition Team
Articulation, Liaison, Outreach
Drafting Team
Minutes and Application Document

We agreed to particularly emphasize on the outreach to include as many stakeholders as possible to DNSO. [hope many AP* organizations to participate in various constituencies of DNSO.]

Remark: The next ICANN Meetings will be held in March 1999 in Singapore along APRICOT, and 3 Supporting Organizations(Domain Name, Address, and Protocol) are expected to be official approved then.  The detail will be announced shortly.(www.icann.org)
We need to agree with other major stakeholders such as NSI and ICC prior to submission of the DNSO application to ICANN, or we will be forced to coordinate after the application submission.

4. ICANN (www.icann.org) released the following documents on November 23;

ICANN Adopted Bylaws
Articles of Incorporation
Press Release
Letter to NTIA

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