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APTLD Monthly Update (1999.05)

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1999. 5. 3
APTLD News, May 1999

   1. The ICANN DNSO Berlin Meetings
   2. The APTLD Meeting & Joint TLD Workshop in San Jose
   3. The APTLD Committee Charters
   4. The APTLD Mailing Lists on DNSO Constituency Activities
   5. The Revised APTLD Overview Presentation Materials
   6. Melbourne IT selected as one of the gtld shared registries
   7. nz has prepared a framework for establishment of the DNSO ccTLD constituency
   8. WIPO Announcement
   9. Greetings from New Staff in the APTLD

From the APTLD Secretariat

1. The ICANN DNSO Berlin Meeting Schedule with the tentative APTLD Meeting Notice.
   Venue: Hotel ADLON (Berlin)

          May 24     Ad Hoc APTLD Meeting              (16:00 – 18:00)

          May 25     Governmental Advisory Committee   (Full Day)
                     Membership Advisory Committee     (Full Day)
                     DNSO Constituency Groups Meeting  (Morning)
                     DNSO General Assembly Meeting     (Afternoon)

          May 26     ICANN Open Meeting

          May 27     ICANN Board Meeting
                     Names Council(?)

    * DNSO/ccTLD constituency Formation Meeting will be hosted by CENTR.
      Visit www.ripe.net/CENTR for further information.

2. The APTLD Meeting and the Joint TLD Workshop Committee.
   Venue: Convention Center (San Jose)

          June 21    Executive Committee Meeting      (Morning)
                     APTLD Member Meeting             (Afternoon)

          June 22    TLD Workshop                     (Full Day)

3.The APTLD Charters of Committees

  The draft charters of each committee has been made.
  Please refer to www.aptld.org

4. The APTLD Mailing Lists on DNSO Constituency Discussions


5. The revised APTLD overview presentation materials

  The revised APTLD overview on April 28 is available right now. 

6. Melbourne IT selected as one of the gtld shared registries.

Melbourne IT

Melbourne IT is an Australian IT company that provides high-performance e-commerce services. Melbourne IT.s business division Internet Names Australia, which administers the .com.au domain for Australian businesses, is the largest country code-based commercial domain name administrator in the Asia-Pacific region. It was the first domain name registrar in the world to offer money-back service performance guarantees, and to provide pre-sale online linkages to uthoritative trademark and business registration databases.

    Contact: Clive Flory
    Tel: +61 (3) 9344-9337
    Email: clive@ina.com.au

7. .nz has prepared a framework for establishment of the DNSO ccTLD constituency.

You can refer to “http://www.domainz.net.nz/newsstand/constituency.html
This is being used in conjunction with CENTR as part of the Berlin Meeting late in May.
You can refer to “http://www.centr.org/const-meet-notice.html

8. The WIPO Announcement

The Final Report of the WIPO Internet Domain Name Process is now available at http://wipo2.wipo.int. This document shortly also will be made available in hard-cover as official WIPO Publication No. 92-805-0779-6.

9.Greetings from New Staff in the APTLD

I am honoured to convey my greetings to the APTLD circle. It has been one month since I took responsibility for the APTLD secretariat. Without Dr. Chon’s advice and help, it could have taken more time to catch up with the things here. I also would like to appreciate people who have responded to my requests and questions as prompt as possible.

Ascertained that serving for the APTLD would expand my horizon and get me exposed to ever-changing and challenging world, I try to reach up to your expectations.

As you might know, without your assistance and support, I cannot exert myself in a full swing. Any kind of your suggestions and contributions are always welcome here.

For the last I promise to commit myself to the APTLD.


Younjung Park
Member of APTLD Secretariat
email : yjpark@aptld.org
Phone : +82-42-861-8325
Fax   : +82-42-869-5554

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