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KR-JP position statement on Chinese character gTLD

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Subject: Chinese character gTLDs
Created: April 9, 2000
Revised: April 20, 2000
From: KR-JP Joint Meeting of 2000.4.9
Drafted By: Dongman Lee

Chinese characters are being used in many countries, especially East
Asian countries including, China, Japan, and Korea. There is a strong
interest in creating new TLDs based on Chinese characters among these
countries. There are two markets in these TLDs ? domestic and global
like ASCII character TLDs (ccTLDs and gTLDs, respectively).
Multi-lingual ccTLDs such as .china, .japan and .korea are domestic
matters. However, there are many issues related to Chinese character
gTLDs which are not domestic. Among are different glyphs and/or various
words for the same meaning in each language context.  KRNIC and JPNIC
recognize, as well as many other parties, that these issues should be
resolved before there would cause too much confusion, and that
international coordination would be strongly recommended.

The following, not limited to, is a list of items that would require
– scope of Chinese character gTLDs ? chartered or generic
– consideration of common names for Chinese character gTLDs (e.g.
– registration policy
– character code
– database management
– harmonization between ccTLDs and Chinese character gTLDs

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