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The Proposal on APTLD Fund 1999

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1999. 8. 9

Kilnam Chon

Members of
Asia-Pacific Top Level Domain Name Forum(APTLD), I would like to ask you to
consider donation to cover APTLD activities this year. We discussed the funding
issue at APTLD Meetings, in particualr at its Singapore Meeting in March 1999. We
tentatively agreed that we would need US$50,000 – 100,000 per year, and the
straw vote at the meeting agreed that we could raise US$50,000 or more per year
from APTLD membership.

We further
discussed with a few countries if they could donate for the operating expense
of APTLD this year prior to its incorporation. We had positive responses, and
we proposed US$40,000 budget with one full time staff.

The detail of the
budget will be attached in Appendix. We hired one staff on April 1 to handle
ever increasing APTLD secretariat work.

Here, we would
like to ask you to donate to cover APTLD activities for this year; 1999.3.1-
2000.2.28.  So far, Australia, Japan,
Korea, and Taiwan tentatively agreed to donate. 
The unit of the donation would be

Very Large        more
than US$  10,000

Large                        US$  10,000

Medium Laarge             US$  5,000

Medium                          US$  2,500

Small Medium               
US$  1,000

US$   500

Very Small                      US$   100

If you agree to
donate, please contact

Ms Eun Jin SEO


The remittance of
the fund can be done in US dollars online or by check. KoRea Internet
Association(KRIA) will keep the account since APTLD has not been incorporated

If you need
Memorandum of Understanding prior to the donation, APTLD Finance Committee
Chair is preparing the document now to be ratified this month.

Kilnam Chon


Appendix APTLD
Budget for 1999.3.1 – 2000.2.28                                        1999.6.9

Revenue                 Donation from APTLD Members


IT                   US$ 5,000

JPNIC                              US$10,000

KRIA                                US$ 5,000

KRNIC                             US$ 4,500

DOMAINZ                        US$ 5,000


Total                                             US$29,500

Expense                 Salary for a full time staff                     US$20,000

Overhead                                             US$

Expense                                 US$

Expense(staff/others)                   US$

Fee                                US$


Total                                               US$40,000

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