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APTLD News, January 1999

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APTLD News, January 1999


1. 1999 Annual APTLD Meeting Program
2. APRICOT’99 information of registration etc
3. APTLD Related Meeting Schedule

1. 1999 Annual APTLD Meeting Program

Date:   1999.3.1-2
Place:  Singapore(with APRICOT Conference)

Part I: Joint Meeting on Multilingual Name and DNS (with APNG)
Chairs: Tan Tin Wee and Kuo-Wei Wu/TWNIC

Presentation on multilingual names such as Chinese, Japanese, and Korean, followed by coordination meeting of iDNS.

Mailing List: iname@aptld.org and idns@apng.org

Part II: APTLD Workshop(optional)
Chair:  Jim Higgins/ISOCNZ  and DOMAINZ

Draft program is posted separetely.
Mailing List: education@aptld.org

Part III:Country Report
Chair:  Toru Takahashi/JPNIC

Presentation of 7 countries on thier status of DNS
cn, jp, kr, nu, nz, sg, th
Panel discussion on government perspectives and roles.

Mailing List: member@aptld.org

Part IV: APTLD Member Meeting
Chair: Kilnam Chon/KRIA

Draft agenda will be posted separately.(www.aptld.org)
Mailing List: member@aptld.org
Remark:  1999.3.1 Afternoon     APNG General Meeting
1999.3.4               ICANN Open Meeting
1999.3.1-2             APRICOT Tutorials
1999.3.3-5             APRICOT Conference(Parellel Sessions)
1999.3.5               APIA Meeting
1999.3.6               APNIC Meeting

09:00h ~ 12:30h  iDNS, iDomain and iNames

Joint APTLD-APNG Meeting and APNG-Chairman’s Commission on iDNS report 

Co-chairs:    Dr. Kuo-wei Wu (for APTLD),

                    Dr. Tan Tin Wee (for APNG)
Presentation on multilingual names such as Chinese, Japanese, and Korean

09:00h ~ 10:00h  What is iDNS technology and its latest development
APNG Chairman’s Commissionon iDNS report
Mr Leong KY, Sun Microsystems
Mr James Seng, BIX Pte Ltd
Dr Tan Tin Wee (Centre for Internet Research, NUS and Chairman, APNG)
Coordination Meeting and discussion

10:00h ~ 11:00h  Implementation of iDOMAIN testbed in AP countries
Dr Tan Tin Wee (Chairman APNG and Project Leader, APTLD)

11:30h ~ 12:30h  iNAME and the formation of iNAME working groups
Dr Kuo-wei Wu (Project Director, APTLD)

Mailing List: iname@aptld.org and idns@apng.org
Requirements:  OHP, LCD, theatre-style seating, microphone
Attendance:   about 60
Tea Break provided
Lunch Not provided

FORMAT:  Jim Higgins or Patrick O’Brien will start by making a 10 to 15 minute presentation of the subject scope, together with an outline of the NZ Government’s attitudes to the issues.

Next the subject will be thrown open to the meeting to get opposing or related Government attitudes.  A scribe will note down the proceedings for later publication.

1.00pm ~ 2.00pm : Government Intervention Issues

Governments are involved in the Internet, within their jurisdiction to greater or lesser degrees. The workshop would try to assemble some standard models of government involvement and comment on  advantages and drawbacks of each.

Initial Speaker:  Patrick O’Brien

2.00pm ~ 3.00pm : Registry/Registrar Structures
There are a number of different models in operation providing the Registry/Registrar function. This workshop will examine issues involved with providing opportunities for value added business initiatives; Registrar/Agency agreements; Billing issues; Agents commissions.

Initial Speaker:  Patrick O’Brien

3.00pm ~ 3.20pm : COFFEE

3.20pm ~ 4.20pm : ccTLD Name Delegation Issues
Who should hold top level delegations;  Can ccTLDs be moved from one holder to another; Components of a ccTLD management contract; Areas where harmonisation of policy might be achieved.

Initial Speaker:  Jim Higgins

3.20pm ~ 4.20pm : Second Level Domain Moderation
Discussion on 2LDs in general; Moderation policies applied by different registries;  Impact of moderation;  Choice of moderators; What to moderate; Offensive. names.

Initial Speaker:  Jim Higgins

For APTLD Meeting Part III, 1999.3.2, we are planning the naming scheme of various countries and regions in Asia-Pacific possibly including the following;

ca      ?(turcotte)
cn      yes(hjqian)
jp      yes(maruyama)
kr      yes(leesy)
nu      yes(semich)
nz      yes(obrien)
sg      yes(agnes)
th      yes(somebody)

the presentation would be in the morning; 8:00 – 10:00(around 100 minutes or around 15 minutes per presentation).

you may refer the following documents for reference; after the above session and coffee break, we plan to have a panel discussion including government perspective and roles.  we would like to invite government officials from various countries to present their governments’ perspective and roles, in addition to general panel discussion.

Candidate countries: cn, jp, kr, nz, sg, th

1. Glocom study

2. OECD, Internet Traffic Exchange: development and policy, 1998.

3. see further information in www.aptld.org.

version 5
APTLD Annual Meeting Agenda
Date:   1999.3.2 Afternoon
Place:  APRICOT Conference Site in Singapore

1) Introduction of participants
2) Agenda approval
3) Minutes approval
4) Report of Part 1~3 of Singapore APTLD Meetings
Part 1  Joint Meeting on Multilingual Name and DNS(with APNG)
Part 2  APTLD Workshop
Part 3  APTLD Country Report and Government Roles
5) Meeting Report
6) Working Group Report
Developing Country Support
Funding Model
7) Budget
8) Incorporation of APTLD

9) Executive Committee member election

10) Secretariat arrangement

11) Future Plan
12) Future Meeting Schedule
13) Any other business

2. APRICOT’99 information of registration etc

If you want to do joint registration, please see http://www.apng.org/apricot99/apstar.html, and hotel booking etc from http://www.apng.org/apricot99.

3. APTLD Related Meeting Schedule, 1998.1.4

Meeting Schedule


1.22          ICC/DNSO                                              Washinton, D.C.
3.1-5         APRICOT               www.apricot.net         Singapore
3.1-2         APTLD                   aptld.org                          “
2.28-3.1    APNG                     www.apng.org                 “
3.3            ICANN Open Meeting     www.icann.org        “
5/6            ICANN Meeting      www.icann.org
6.21-25     INET                      www.isoc.org             San Jose
6.21          APTLD                    www.aptld.org                 “
6.22          WWTLD                 www.wwtld.org                 “
6.25-26     APNG                    www.apng.org                  “

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