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APTLD Monthly Update (1999.10)

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APTLD News – 1999.10.1

1. ICANN Elections

ICANN elections are going on now;

9 ICANN Board Directors from ASO, DNSO and PSO(3 each)
Nominations are due 10.8, and the elections by the councils
in 10.8 – 10.15.  See www.apnic.net for ASO and www.dnso.org
for DNSO.  There are no known website for PSO, and its charter
allows up to two members from the same region, i..e, we may
not be able to have any member from Asia-Pacific.

Permanent Names Council members from various constituencies
The elections at Commercial, ISP, and Registrar are going on
now, and will be completed by 10.8 or before.  IP is asking
the election delay. See www.dnso.org for further information.

2. AP Internet Seminar Tour

The seminar tours sponsored by APTLD and APIA are being carried out with the
following schedule;

1999.7.19 Kuala Lumpur

9.23 Taipei
10.06 Seoul
10.08 Bangkok
10.18 Beijing
11.22/24/26 Manila, Hong Kong, and/or Singapore

We started the planning for 2000 with a new program, which we will discuss
in Los Angeles on November 4 during APTLD Meeting.  If you are interested
in joining the planning group, please contact us.

3. APTLD and ICANN Meeting in Los Angeles in November 1999

Tentative program is as follows;

1999.11.01 Morning cccTLD-IANA/Constituency/WG Meeting
01  Afternoon ccTLD and other Constituency Meetings
02  Morning General Assembly
02  Afternoon Names Council
03  ICANN Annual Meeting
04  ICANN Board Meeting
05  APTLD Meeting

We will have various APTLD committee meetings during the week such as

Executive Committee(11.2)
Seminar Committee(11.3)
Workshop Committee(11.3)

Let us know if you are planning any APTLD committee meetings.
DNSO WG meetings may take place on Monday and/or evenings of Monday
through Thursday.

4. APTLD Funding Status

The followng amounts have been donated to cover APTLD activities;

JPNIC $10,000
KRIA $5,000
Membourne IT $5,000
Niue IS $5,000
Domainz $5,000(expected)
KRNIC $4,500

Thank you for the contribution, and hope we could get more from
other organizations to cover the cost.  Currently, we are short of
the funding to cover a full time staff.

5. Funding to ICANN

ccTLDs as well as APTLD must look into funding of the following
organization from 2000;

ccTLD Constituency


6. Tentative agreements among ICANN, US DoC, and NSI

The three parties tentatively agreed on several areas;

NSI/ICANN Registry Agreement
Registrar Accreditation Agreement
Registrar License and Agreement
Amendment 19 to DoC/NSI Cooperative Agreement
Amendments to DoC/ICANN MoU

See www.icann.org/agreements.htm for further information.

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