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APTLD Monthly Update (2000.05)

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APDN/APTLD Update – May 2000

1. July 2000 Meeting Schedule in Yokohama

7.12 ccTLD Constituency Meeting
0900-1200 Pre-Meeting for WGs(option)
1300-1430 Plenary Meeting
1430-1600 WG 1
1600-1700 WG 2
1700-1900 Drafting Meeting
7.13 ccTLD Constituency Meeting
0900-1030 WG 2
1030-1200 WG 3
1300-1700 Plenary Meeting
1700-1900 Drafting Meeting
7.14 0700-0900 Optional ccTLD Meeting
7.14 DNSO Meeting
Morning   DNSO General Assembly
Afternoon DNSO Names Council Meeting
7.15 Full Day  ICANN Open Forum
7.16 Morning   ICANN Board Meeting
Afternoon DNSO Constituency Meetings(option)
7.16 0900-1800 Joint Workshop on DNSsec(full day) – proposed
7.17 Morning   DNSO Names Council Meeting(option)
7.17 0900-1800 Joint Workshop on Multilingual Internet Names – proposed
7.18 0900-1800 APDN/APTLD Meeting
7.19-21 INET’2000

2. ccTLD Working Groups

3 working groups have been set up to deliver draft documents for July
2000 ccTLD meetings.  Please actively participate to the working groups.
Subscribe through www.cctld-drafting.org.

WG 1: ICANN Services(to ccTLDs)       service@cctld-drafting.org
WG 2: Best Practice and Redelegation  bestpractice@cctld-drafting.org
WG 3: Funding to ICANN                funding@cctld-drafting.org

3. APDN Bylaws

APDN Bylaws are going through the final review among APTLD members now
to be finalized this spring.  See www.aptld.org for further information.

4. Interim Names Council member election from ccTLD Constituency

The interim Names Council member from ccTLD constituency will be elected
in May 2000 to serve for 5 months until October.

5. APDN/APTLD member list

APDN/APTLD have the four groups;

TLD Registry    35
Registrar        4
Commercial       4
Non-Commercial  30

These members and other organizations will be asked to join APND this
spring.  Please contact sec@aptld.org if any organizations are interested
in joining APDN/APTLD.

6. AP* Joint Secretariat

AP* Joint Secretariat is being set up in Singapore with additional sites
in Thailand(AP* Retreat), Hong Kong(APIA), Korea(APAN, APTLD), and
Japan(APNG, AI3), and Australia(APNIC).  Please contact www.apjs.org.

7. Interim ccTLD Constituency Secretariat

The interim ccTLD constituency secretariat for six month(2000.5-11) is
going through the selection process, and is expected to be set up sometime
in May or June 2000.

8. Meetings on Multilingual Internet Names

There are two meetings in May 2000 on the multilingual Internet Names;

MINC Preparation Meeting  2000.5.12-13  San Francisco(see www.minc.org)
The final meeting to set up Multilingual Internet Names Consortium
this summer.

Chinese Internet Names Workshop 2000.5.20-21 Beijing(see www.aptld.org)
This is the first meeting on Chinese Internet names including the
domain names and keywords.  The official language of the meeting is
Chinese.  Please contact wenhui zhang (zwh@cnnic.net.cn) for further
information including reservation for the meeting participation.

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