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APTLD Monthly Update (1999.12)

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1. APTLD Managerial Visit

Kilnam Chon visited Tokyo to participate APTLD-JPNIC Meeting.  This is
part of APTLD Managerial Visit Program.  Other visits are

1999.7 Kuala Lumpur
1999.9 Auckland
1999.10 Melbourne
1999.11 Tokyo
1999.12 Beijing

2. YJ Park visits African countries for Seminar Tour
YJ Park is visiting Ghana, Mauritania, and Benin in the first two weeks
of December to promote ICANN participation, similar to APTLD Seminar
Tour.  The tour is funded by these African countries as well as KRIA.
You will hear the report later this month.

3. Next APTLD and Related Meetings in Seoul

2000.2.28 APTLD Workshop on DNS
2000.2.29 APTLD Member Meeting

2000.2.28 APNG Meeting
2000.2.29 APIA Meeting
2000.3.3 APNIC Meeting

2000.2.28-3.2 APRICOT

See www.apricot.net, and www.apricot2000.ne.kr for further information.

4. New/Revised Presentation Materials posted at www.aptld.org

APTLD Overview – revised
Internet Administration – new
APTLD Principle – revised

5. Seoul APTLD Meeting/Workshop – Candidate Topics

Joint ccTLD registration
proposed by clive flory

joint meeting with apng

ICANN funding
by Fund Committee

ccTLD contract
by Legal Committee

Country update on DNS
by each member

new gTLD
Global Awareness and Outreach

At Large Membership Drive
by Individual Member Committee/Seminar Committee

APTLD Bylaws
by Legal Committee

WordPress Lessons