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APTLD Monthly Update (2000.01)

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A. APTLD Seoul Meeting, 2000.2.28-29(during APRICOT, 2000.2.27-3.3)
APTLD Workshop 2000.2.27 Monday
APTLD Meeting  2000.2.28 Tuesday
The draft meeting agenda and program are as follows;;

Candidate topics of APTLD Workshop on 2000.2.28

1. Joint ccTLD registration
proposed by clive flory.

2. ccTLD contract
by Legal Committee

new gTLD
Global Awareness and Outreach

4. APTLD Bylaws
by Legal Committee

5. At Large Membership Drive
Individual Membership Committee

6. iName/iDNS
Joint Meeting with APNG

Candidate topics of APTLD Meeting in 2000.2.29

11. Country update
on DNS(not just ccTLD)

12. ICANN Funding
by Fund Committee

13. APTLD Member Meeting
1300- 1800

B. DNSO/ccTLD contribution on webcasting

DNSO asked each of its constituencies to contribute $5000 to cover its
webcasting activities in 1999-2000 without prior agreement with us.
APTLD Executive Committee decided to donate $1000 on behalf of ccTLDs
in AP region with the understanding of no further contribution without
prior agreement with us.

C. March ICANN Meeting in Cairo, Egypt

We anticipate the following schedule;

3.06 Monday     Constituency Meetings including ccTLD
3.07 Tuesday    DNSO General Assembly and DNSO Names Council
ASO Meetings
3.08 Wednesday  ICANN Open Meeting
3.09 Thursday   ICANN Board Meeting

One of the important topics is the ICANN budget including possible
contribution from ccTLD.

There are no official APTLD Meeting in Cairo, and we may have an
informal meeting, possibly on Tuesday.

D. ICANN At-large Member Taskforce

ICANN At-Large Member Taskforce has been formed with around 100 members.
We will let you know who are participating from Asia-Pacific.  Mr.
Izumi Aizu and Ms YJ Park are coordinating the effort at Individual
Member Committee of APTLD.

E. Visit to Beijing

I visited Beijing as part of Managerial Visit, and met CNNIC, CSTNET and
CERNET to discuss on various issues including ICANN participation from
China.  We agreed that China to actively participate ICANN At-large
member activity among others.

F. Visit to Africa

Ms YJ Park visited African counntries in December; Ghana, Mouritania and
Benin, and hold seminars and meetings on Internet Governance during her
3 weeks visit.  She also discussed on cooperation between and Africa and
Asia-Pacific.  As the first step, several African delegates are coming
to APRICOT2000 in Seoul at the end of next February.

G. Meeting Schedule in 2000

2.6-8        NANOG    www.nanog.org         San Jose
2.28-3.3   APRICOT www.apricot.net         Seoul
2.28-29    APTLD     www.aptld.org             Seoul
2.28         APNG      www.apng.org            Seoul
2.29         APIA                      www.apia.org            Seoul
3.3           APNIC                   www.apnic.net           Seoul
3.6-9        ICANN       www.icann.org          Cairo
3.17-19    Internet Fiesta      www.internet-fiesta.org (world wide)
3.27-31    IETF         www.ietf.org               Adelaide
5.9-13      N + I         www.sbforums.com     Las Vegas
5.30          Internet Governance     www.ksg.harvard.edu    Harvard
5.31-6.2    Internet & Society         www.is2k.harvard.edu    Harvard
6.5-9        N + I         www.sbforums.co.jp     Tokyo
7.13-16    ICANN      www.icann.org             Yokohama
7,17         Jt. TLD Workshop          www.aptld.org “
7.18         APTLD     www.aptld.org “
7.18-21    INET        www.isoc.org                Yokohama
7.31-8.4   IETF        www.ietf.org                  Pittsburgh
8.28-9.1   SIGCOMM          www.acm.org/sigcomm            Stockholm
9.25-28    ICANN    www.icann.org (USA)
9.28         APTLD    www.aptld.org (USA)
12.11-15   IETF        www.ietf.org                  San Diego

2. APRICOT www.apricot.org ?
3.19-23 IETF www.ietf.org Minneapolis
6. INET www.isoc.org ?

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