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APTLD Monthly Update (2000.06)

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APDN/APTLD Monthly Update – June 2000

1. APDN Incorporation and Related Schedule

2000.5.25 Bylaws Finalized(some delay into June)
     6.08 Membership Fee Finalized
     6.22 Initial Members Finalized
     7.06 Initial Board Members Elected
     7.18 First Board Meeting with Board Chairs Elected
     7.18 ccTLD Administration Committee Member Elected
     7-10 Names Council Members from ccTLD and Other Constituencies Elected
    10.   ICANN Board Member Elections from DNSO, and At-Large

2. New APDN/APTLD Secretariat Staff

Ms Hae Ryung Lee joined the APDN/APTLD Secretariat as the full time staff
to take care of APDN/APTLD administration.  Ms YJ Park spends 25% of her
time to manage Non-Commercial Group and Internet Seminar Tour.

3. July Yokohama Meeting Schedule

2000.7.12 ccTLD Constituency Meeting in Intercontinental Hotel
          0900-1200 Pre-Meeting for WGs(option)
          1300-1430 Plenary Meeting
          1430-1600 WG 1 
          1600-1700 WG 2
          1700-1900 Drafting Meeting
     7.13 ccTLD Constituency Meeting in Pacifico Yokohama
          0900-1030 WG 2 
          1030-1200 WG 3
          1300-1700 Plenary Meeting
          1700-1900 Drafting Meeting
     7.14 0700-0900 WG-E Meeting(tentative) in Pacifico Yokohama
     7.14 DNSO Meeting
          Morning   DNSO General Assembly
          Afternoon DNSO Names Council Meeting
     7.15 Full Day  ICANN Open Forum
     7.16 Morning   ICANN Board Meeting
     7.16 1300-1800 AP* Retreat
     7.16-18        MINC WG Meetings
     7.16 0900-1800 Joint Workshop on DNSsec(full day) – proposed
     7.17 Morning   DNSO Names Council Meeting(option)
     7.17 0900-1800 Joint Workshop on Multilingual Internet Names – proposed
     7.18 0900-1800 APDN/APTLD Meeting
     7.19 Morning   MINC Board Meeting – proposed
     7.19-21 INET’2000
     7.21 Afternoon APNG
     7.22 CCIRN

4. MINC(Multilingual Internet Names Consortium) Inauguratin Meeting

     Lotte Hotel(downtown Tokyo)
     See www.minc.org for further information.

5. CDNC(Chinese Domain Names Consortium) 

   CDNC was formed during APTLD Chinese Internet Names Workshop in Beijing
   last month.  The detail including the meeting minutes will be released

6. ccTLD WG

   There are 3 working groups to deliver recommendation to ccTLD Constituency;

     ICANN Service WG
     Best Practice & Redelegation WG
     ICANN Funding WG

   See cctld-drafting.org for further information.

7. Names Council Member nomination from ccTLD Constituency

   The third (interim) Names Council member candidate is being elected from
   ccTLD Constituency now.

8. Interim ccTLD Secretariat

   There are two proposals now; AFNIC-AP Joint Secretariat Proposal, and
   NZ Proposal.  ccTLD Constituency is reviewing the two proposals now for
   the term of 2000.6~11.

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