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The Proposal on Individual Membership Committee

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1999. 8. 09

Kilnam Chon

At-large memeber  —-> individual members

DNSO/General Assembly

Individual members —> this is discussed in berlin atpld meeting.

We need to work on both ICANN/at-large and DNSO/General Assembly.  They
would merge eventually, I believe.  Thus, we APTLD work on DNSO/general
assembly members who would also subscribe to ICANN/at large.  Other
AP* organizations should work similarly.

What I have in my mind is that members of all AP* organizations to be added
to APTLD individual members, who would become DNSO/General Assembly members
and then ICANN/at large members.  Let’s start from APTLD member organizations
in each country to join as APTLD individual members, and ask various AP*
mailing lists such as APRICOT to join too.  eventually, your “APTLD individual
membership committee” need national contact(s) in each country.

Individual Membership Committee is headed by

Izumi Aizu / ANR
Kanchana Kanchanasut / AIT
YounJung Park / APTLD-KRNIC

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