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APTLD Helps Create a New Alliance to Assist .TL (Timor-Leste)

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12 December 2019

On the sidelines of ICANN66 in Montreal, Associação DNS.PT, auDA, and PANDI have teamed up for a
capacity building project for .TL.

Facilitated by APTLD, the ccTLD managers of Portugal, Australia,
and Indonesia held a meeting to discuss the future project and agree on
operational principles, while APTLD was in communication with the .TL team.

“We welcome the new alliance of mature ccTLD registries with an
impressive record in managing their domain space and are confident that their
professionalism and enthusiasm should yield positive developments at .TL”,-
says Leonid Todorov, General Manager of APTLD.

“The .PT team has  quite a long history of interaction with
.TL and we are pleased to take it to a new level. Furthermore, this is a unique
opportunity to foster the presence online of the Portuguese language. The
LusNIC (Portuguese language ccTLD’s Association), also applauses this
initiative.” – says Marta Dias, from the board of directors of the .PT and

“The partnership aligns with our constitutional object to liaise
with national bodies relating to the development and administration of domain
systems, and supports the Australian Government’s International Cyber
Engagement Strategy, – says Mr. Bruce Tonkin, COO of auDA,- and with the help of
our colleagues from Portugal and Indonesia we should be able to provide
practical advice and assistance.”

“PANDI is happy to join the alliance. We see this as a new
opportunity for us to offer the best of our practices and learn from our
partners at the same time”,- argues Prof. Yudho Giri Sucahyo, Chair of the
Indonesian registry.

“We are grateful to APTLD and colleagues from Portugal,
Australia and Indonesia for their willingness to share their knowledge with us.
Also, special thanks to APTLD for making it possible. You all are very welcome
in Timor Leste”,- concludes Eng. Nicolau Santos Celestino, Director of
Information and Technology Department of the Ministry of Transport and
Communications (MTC) of Timor Leste.

APTLD will be rendering administrative and logistics and
communication support to the project.

For greater details, please contact sec@aptld.org (APTLD), rp@dns.pt (Associação DNS.PT), media@auda.org.au (auDA), secretary@pandi.id (PANDI), nicolau.celestino@nic.tl (MTC).

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