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APTLD78 Communique

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4 September 2020

The 78th APTLD Members Meeting was held in the online format on 3 and 4 September 2020. With TWNIC, the .TW ccTLD registry, as a nominal host, the Meeting got together over 190 Members’ delegates and guests representing AP I* organizations and the global domain names industry from the Americas, Africa, Europe, and Asia Pacific.

Organized and held during the global coronavirus outbreak, APTLD78 demonstrated the community’s strong commitment to and interest in joint exploration of the critical industry challenges and addressing them in a truly collaborative fashion. The Meeting also received strong support from GoDaddy Registry as its sponsor, which also collaborated with APTLD on some creative and innovative conferencing and networking tools.

APTLD78 traditionally featured 2 days of training, which were delivered by the IQ Global team and Dr. Paul Vixie, the founder and CEO of Farsight Security, Inc. Focusing on both security and technical aspects of a registry’s operation, both trainings beat previous records of participation.

As many as 29 APTLD Ordinary Members and 10 Associate Members’ delegations attended APTLD78.

The Meeting was held in a single-track mode and featured a total of 8 sessions and over 40 panelists and presenters, to cover the administrative, policy, technical, administrative, marketing and security areas. In addition, there were a number of side networking events which aimed at promoting the spirit of collaboration and interaction among the community.

Another innovation became the opening of the APTLD Meeting to LACTLD and AFTLD Members who also contributed to some side events and received exposure to the APTLD community’s good practices in various areas.

At the closure of the Meeting, the delegation representing the Telecommunications Regulatory Authority of the Sultanate of Oman, the .OM registry, unveiled the destination and dates of APTLD79, that is, Muscat, 24-25 February 2021. Also, as is the tradition, the APTLD79 website – http://aptld79.om/  was unveiled, with a draft Meeting agenda to be uploaded shortly after a traditional community-driven review and comments period.

During the Meeting, APTLD received an application for Ordinary Membership by the Telecommunication Tokelau Corporation (Teletok) of Tokelau, the manager of the .TK ccTLD registry. At its virtual retreat post-APTLD78, the APTLD Board voted by majority for the accession of .TK to the Association, thus making it the 69th Member of APTLD.

APTLD would like to thank TWNIC for hosting the Meeting, CNNIC – for providing the Secretariat and back-office services, and GoDaddy for sponsoring it.

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