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APTLD Contributed to International Meetings

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8 September 2020

APTLD Contributed to International MeetingsOn 7 September, APTLD contributed to two online international meetings – an informal session of AP* Organizations and TLDCON2020.At a traditional informal gathering of Internet organizations in the Asia Pacific Region, Gihan Dias, the Vice Chair of the APTLD Board, became a co-Chair, while Leonid Todorov, GM, shared an update on APTLD’s operation and insight on how Pres.Trump’s Clean Networks initiative might affect the community.Later in the day, at TLDCON2020 a regional ccTLD conference for Eastern, Central Europe and the CIS, featured a number of APTLD Members: .RU hosted the conference, while AM, Afilias, .BY, GoDaddy Registry, contributed with their presentations and interventions. APTLD’s GM was a speaker at the opening plenary and also moderated a session on regulatory challenges and ccTLD policies.

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