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APTLD Launches a New Webinar Training Program for Its Members

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13 April 2021

APTLD is pleased to announce a new Webinar Training Program for its Members. This series of webinars aim to formally initiate ccTLD managers into the world of marketing. These sessions are not a textbook rendition of marketing principles but a unique customized curriculum designed exclusively for the APTLD Membership to serve as an analytical and practical toolkit for both evaluating ongoing activities as well as developing plans for new ones.

The topics will focus on concepts such as “branding” and “network effects” but also on techniques such as search engine marketing and optimization. Each webinar will have a lecture (20-30 min) and a workshop in a breakout session format (10-15 min) component followed by a debrief (2-30 min). We recommend an allowance of about 80 minutes per session to allow for extended discussion/debrief.

In the first session, we will formally introduce the term “marketing” as well as lay out its various procedural elements for ccTLD managers. Then we will map the landscape of stakeholders for ccTLDs. The workshop component will crowd source from participants what marketing activities they already do/ have done/ would like to do. 

This and other sessions will be delivered by Dr. Harsh Taneja, Professor, College of Media, University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign, USA, and Mr. Himanshu Gupta, a Digital Marketing Professional from India.

The session will take place at 1:30 am UTC on Tuesday 20 April and will be open exclusively for APTLD Members.

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