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A Cybersecurity Webinar for APTLD Ordinary Members

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On  9 June 2021 APTLD hosted a prominent  threat intelligence company WhoisXML API for a webinar on ways to detect and counter a number of suspicious Internet properties that make their way to the DNS. In a cybersecurity webinar  held exclusively for APTLD Ordinary Members, representatives of WhoisXML API, including Messrs. Alexander RonquilloEd GibbsChing Chiao, and Alexandre Francois, covered several important topics including:

● Phishing and malware trends in 2021
● ccTLD registry cybersecurity challenges
● An exclusive study about pandemic-related Internet properties in the Asia-Pacific region
● Threat intelligence tools to detect, recon, monitor, and take down the bad guys’ domain names
● A practical threat-hunting exercise with real-life data

APTLD would like to thank the WhoisXML team for  a very insightful and interactive class and hopes to continue our collaboration with the cybesecurity expert team.  

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