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Call for Applications for an APTLD-ISOC Grants for the pilot APTLD DNS Server Sharing Project

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30 June 2021

The Background

APTLD (Asia Pacific Top Level Domain Association) is a membership-based, non-for-profit organization that serves ccTLD (country-code Top Level Domain) registries in Asia Pacific region.

APTLD operates as the forum of information exchange regarding technological and operational issues of domain name registries in Asia Pacific region. As an interface to other international Internet coordinating bodies, APTLD fosters and elevates participation of AP ccTLDs in these global fora, as well as acts in the best interest of APTLD members in global Internet policy making process.

The Internet Society, represented by the Asia-Pacific Regional Office, is a global non-profit organization working to ensure the Internet remains a force for good for everyone. Through its community of members, special interest groups, and 120+ chapters around the world, the organization defends and promotes Internet policies, standards, and protocols that keep the Internet open, globally connected, and secure.

To bolster the APTLD membership’s capacity in Oceania, APTLD and ISOC offer 2 (two) grants of up to USD2,500 each to enable APTLD Members in Oceania to participate in a pilot project on DNS Servers Sharing. The grants are awarded on the basis of competition to both Ordinary and Associate Members which domicile in Oceania. The grants are supposed to be used for Research and Development, and ccTLD staff training and may not be used on any kind of remuneration, nor administrative/overhead expenses.

How to apply and the application process timelines

Present a brief Letter of Interest (up to 200 words). The LoI should demonstrate a strong sense of how you intend to apply thus gained experience in the interests of your ccTLD and the local community.

The LoI should be provided in an arbitrary format as a single PDF file and signed by a ccTLD executive or the ccTLD Authorized Representative in APTLD

Please complete the LoI required and submit it to GM at: l.todorov@aptld.org until 21 July, 2021.

This Call closes at 23:59 Moscow time (UTC+3) on 21 July 2021.

GM, in consultation with the ISOC Asia-Pacific Regional Office, will review the applications and announces the winners by 31 July, 2021

Subsequently, GM APTLD and the DNS Server Sharing Project team will begin the process of supporting the grantees’ participation in the project for the period of 1 year.

Grantee’s Reporting

A successful applicant is expected to produce a project implementation report (up to 300 words in an arbitrary format) to highlight achievements and benefits gained during the project implementation. The report should be forwarded to GM APTLD and will become publicly available on the APTLD’s website.

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